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Top 10 Marvel Legends (UPDATE)

Top 10 Marvel Legends (UPDATE)

For more than 60 years, Marvel has entertained fans around the world with various interesting superhero stories, from superheroes that seemed unattractive at the time, to superheroes that are now very popular with all ages. 

It was later adapted in 2002 by Toy Biz in the form of an official Marvel Legends action figure, where the action figure collection is quite detailed, and most importantly the price is affordable. 

From dozens of Marvel Legend collections released this year, here are the 10 best Marvel Legends in 2021!

1. Peter B Parker Into the Spider-Verse

Peter B Parker Into the Spider-Verse

Although the design of Marvel Legends Peter B Parker is not very similar to the general version of Spider-Man who often wears tight costumes, this version of Peter B Parker with a parka jacket costume has also been shown in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018). 

This costume was worn by Peter B Parker when he was drawn into the Miles Morales universe through the Spider-Verse, having previously been known as the lazy Spider-Man who likes to eat and sleep in his own universe. 

Marvel Legends Peter B Parker is also equipped with a head with a half-open mask.

2. Spider-Man the Animated Series Venom

Spider-Man the Animated Series Venom

Who doesn't know Venom? 

All loyal Marvel fans must know Eddie Brock aka Venom, he is one of the fan favorite characters who can be easily recognized by his black symbiote body. 

What makes Marvel Legends Spider-Man the Animated Series Venom a must-have for loyal Marvel fans is that the action figure adopts the animated version of Venom which has blue and red accents, a pair of clenched hands and is open. 

In addition, there is also an additional head that is seen sticking out his tongue.

3. Deluxe Thanos

Deluxe Thanos

This Marvel Legends Deluxe Thanos is one of the most epic Thanos action figure designs. 

The design itself takes the classic version of Thanos that was first told in the comic The Infinity Gauntlet (1991), where Thanos at that time made his greatest achievement by defeating the Avengers with his Infinity Gauntlet. 

Interestingly, this Marvel Legends package is also equipped with its flagship weapon, both those who are opening their palms or those who are snapping their fingers. 

In addition, there is an additional King Thanos head that can make it even more frightening.

4. Fallen Silver Surfer

Fallen Silver Surfer

What would happen if a cool character like Silver Surfer used a cool weapon like Mjolnir? 

Of course it will be super cool like this Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends design. 

Marvel Legends Fallen Silver Surfer seems to take a design reference from Silver Surfer in Donny Cates' Thanos #16 comic. 

In the comics, Herald Galactus is told to be the last person to use Mjolnir's hammer, making him one of the most powerful cosmic characters ever. 

The Silver Surfer's darker color also makes it look much cooler than the original.

5. Wolverine House of X

Wolverine House of X

Most of the action figures from the Wolverine character are cool, and Marvel Legends makes this happen with the Wolverine design that appeared in the comic House of X (2019). 

This box from Marvel Legends Wolverine uses the style and writing like in the comics. 

What's interesting about the action figure is that there are two designs of Wolverine's head, one when he is frowning, and the other when he is in battle mode with his white teeth showing. 

Also, what makes the design special is that Wolverine looks older with gray hair on his beard.

6. MCU Katy

MCU Katy

What will happen if new characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are made into action figures? 

Katy's Marvel Legends MCU is proof of that. Katy first appeared in the film Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings which just aired in 2021. 

In the film he is Shang-Chi's best friend who has a funny character, while in Ta Lo he practiced using arrows and it turned out that he had a talent for it. 

And in her Marvel Legends, Katy is wearing clothes when she is in Ta Lo. 

Apart from Katy, the Marvel Legends package also comes with the adorable Morris.

7. Captain America Disney+

Captain America Disney+

The presence of a new Captain America in the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) is a quite moving Marvel breakthrough. 

In addition to replacing Steve Rogers, who has been present in the MCU, Captain America from Sam Wilson is also present as evidence of Marvel's diversity. 

And Disney+'s Marvel Legends Captain America allows fans to remember the events in the action figure collection. 

Marvel Legends has a similar design to the live action, and if the collection is complete, we can even get cool wings from this new Captain America.

8. Doctor Doom Marvel Villains

Doctor Doom Marvel Villains

Marvel Legends continues to prove its existence by continuously improving the quality of its action figures, including the version of Doctor Doom that will be released in 2021. 

There have been many versions of the Doctor Doom action figure over the years, but this Doctor Doom Marvel Villains is one of the most unique. 

With his white cloak, this Marvel Legends Doom pack comes with a skull that adds to its gritty. 

In addition, there are three alternative hands that can be used according to style needs, making this Doctor Doom Marvel Super Villains design not boring.

9. AoA Magneto

AoA Magneto

In recent years, it has become customary for Marvel Legends to release classic Marvel character designs, like this Age of Apocalypse Magneto. 

The original story of Age of Apocalypse itself is the X-Men comic which was released in 2012-2013, and in the comic Magneto comes with long hair tied up. 

The details and articulation of AoA Magneto are also similar to those in the comics. 

In addition to a head without a helmet, the Marvel Legends version of AoA Magneto is also equipped with an additional head with Magneto's signature helmet, as well as the addition of two hands and two energies that make him look alive.

10. Haslab Galactus

Haslab Galactus

So far, Haslab Galactus is the biggest and also the most expensive Marvel Legends. 

In the Marvel Universe, Galactus is a planet-eating cosmic entity, so the hefty size of his Marvel Legends fits the character perfectly. 

Besides being equipped with LED lights and 70 points of articulation, the height of the Haslab Galactus reaches 80 cm. 

In addition to the main action figure, this Marvel Legends is equipped with three alternative faces with various expressions.

Those are the 10 best Marvel Legends released in 2021. 

It seems that Toy Biz is getting more serious every day in working on Marvel Legends action figures, this is evidenced by more detailed and diverse designs, as well as better articulation and quality in its class. 

If you are a collector of Marvel action figures, geeks, these 10 Marvel Legends can be the best choice to add to your collection.

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