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Black Clover Manga Chapter 316: Asta Vs. Supreme Devil

Black Clover Manga Chapter 316: Asta Vs. Supreme Devil

Black Clover manga chapter 316 will be released this December.

Fans were excited to see Black Bull's fight against the Supreme Devil.

Lucifero turned out to be quite tough.

It provided strong resistance to the combined power of the mages.

In Black Clover 316, we will see what Asta can do about this.

Our heroes must stand firm in this situation, otherwise the captains will be lost forever.

In that fight, the Black Bulls managed to combine forces and took the Supreme Devil by surprise.

The atmosphere of the fight became tense.

So, what will happen in Black Clover chapter 316?

The Black Clover manga chapter 316 will open with the Black Bull fighting against the king of devils.

This fight became one of the Giants fight.

In the middle of the fight, the Black Bulls started to get cornered.

Because, he combined his power with the hope to finish off Morris and the Supreme Devil.

The Black Bull's strength exploded until it managed to land its blow on the Supreme Devil.

It didn't stop there, the Black Bull was persistent and eager, landing its punches continuously. He decided to win the battle and work as a team with the others.

The fight was tense.

Everyone was even surprised to see the Black Bull's attack so intense.

In fact, the soldiers outside the castle couldn't even move their bodies due to the Black Bull's power that kept others from staying where they were.

However, the Supreme Devil was known to still be holding out.

Will the Black Bulls succeed in defeating the Supreme Devil?

Mission: Save Yami

Black Clover Manga Chapter 316: Asta Vs. Supreme Devil

On the other hand, the other members Luck, Magna, Charmy, Gordon, Gauche and Nacht decide to save Captain Yami.

They carried out their mission in the middle of the battle between the Black Bulls and the Supreme Devil.

Nacht then takes his devil form and realizes that Lucifero has merged with Qliphoth, the enemy team.

While Yami is known to be in the core of the vessel.

Nacht is glad that Luficero hasn't shown up yet, and that they were able to save Yami and William in time.

He decided to free the two of them while the others fought the Supreme Devil.

So, will Nacht and the others save Yami in time?

Don't forget to stay tuned for the Black Clover story that was released this week.

What had Lucifero done?

Black Clover Manga Chapter 316: Asta Vs. Supreme Devil

The supreme devil chose to fuse with Qliphoth and managed to get into his vessel.

We know that captains William and Yami are the core of this vessel.

They were the ones supplying the magic, so both of them had to be rescued in order to destroy the vessel.

Lucifero had not yet managed to fully manifest.

And the captains must be rescued before this threat is realised.

Can Asta create enough gaps in Black Clover chapter 316 to do this?

What will Asta do?

Black Clover Manga Chapter 316: Asta Vs. Supreme Devil

Don't be afraid, Asta is here.

He wielded his captain's sword.

He had his trusted friend Liebe on his shoulders.

Our protagonist is ready to retaliate.

When the Black Bulls fall to Lucifero's power, Asta will try to negate this gravity in Black Clover Chapter 316.

Black Clover Chapter 316: Release Date

The manga will release on December 8, 2021.

The official English manga version of Black Clover chapter 316 will release on December 12, 2021.

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