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Boruto: Hinata Can Beat Code? Naruto Makes the Wrong Move!

Boruto: Hinata Can Beat Code? Naruto Makes the Wrong Move!

In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series, one of the biggest problems that still persists since the Naruto series is how the role of female characters in the story is always secondary to male characters.

Real examples are Haruno Sakura and Ino Yamanaka.

These two characters are two great female characters with their respective abilities.

Unfortunately, in the Boruto series, the abilities of the two are rarely shown.

Both of them are even more often shown as wives of their husbands, namely Uchiha Sasuke and also Sai.

This has been a problem for a long time, and fans have often protested to the mangaka regarding this.

Unfortunately, it seems that there has been no significant change to the problem of this woman's role.

Naruto seems to have lost his best partner when Hinata didn't help him save Kawaki and Boruto.

As is known, currently Kawaki and Boruto are outside Konoha.

They are fighting against Code, one of the Inner Kara who has tremendous power.

Code has a big mission against Kawaki and also Boruto.

Code attempts to kidnap Boruto so he can be eaten by the Jyuubi monsters, and then harvests the sacred tree and eats the chakra fruit.

And when that happens, Code will repeat what happened before, where the earth was threatened with destruction.

Naruto himself finally managed to find the location of Boruto and Kawaki thanks to his Sennin mode.

After Naruto managed to track Boruto's chakra, Naruto asked Ino and the sensor team to shift their focus towards Boruto's chakra because Kawaki's chakra was difficult to track.

And with Naruto already knowing the location, he rushed to go there. Before Naruto left, Shikamaru decided to come with Naruto.

The problem then is that Naruto doesn't allow Hinata to join him in searching for Boruto and Kawaki's whereabouts.

In fact, Hinata is very worried about Boruto's condition and wants to save his son's life.

However, Naruto refused Hinata's wish. According to him, it is a dangerous mission.

Boruto: Hinata Can Beat Code? Naruto Makes the Wrong Move!

Naruto asked Hinata to focus on taking care of Himawari.

Similar to Shikamaru, he asked Hinata to stay and take care of Himawari.

Boruto: Hinata Can Beat Code? Naruto Makes the Wrong Move!

Hinata may not be as strong as Naruto, but that doesn't mean she's weak.

Hinata had already faced Akatsuki members. 

He had also faced off against the Otsutsuki clan.

In fact, in movies Hinata often proves that she is a reliable fighter, a figure who can represent the Hyuga clan.

So, actually Hinata is the ideal figure to be able to fight against Code, and not Shikamaru.

Considering Hinata has the Byakugan, which is inherited from the Otsutsuki clan, Hinata can be the key to defeating Code especially with her teleportation ability.

Boruto himself was overwhelmed to be able to face his Code and 'Claw Marks'.

And Hinata could have read the movements of the Code, using her third eye.

Based on this, it felt like Naruto had wasted his chance to turn things around.

At the same time he has also thrown away the great potential that Hinata has.

As explained in the previous article, Shikamaru is not a reliable person in terms of Taijutsu.

Dealing with those who have Karma cannot rely on Ninjutsu techniques, because Karma will absorb chakra from the technique.

So, Taijutsu is very reliable to deal with Karma users.

Hinata, besides having the Byakugan, is also a person who is quite trained with Taijutsu because it has become one of the hallmarks of the Hyuga clan to be able to use Taijutsu compared to Ninjutsu.

The emotions experienced by Hinata can also be the right adrenaline injection to save Boruto, because he can channel them to the right target, Code.

Boruto: Hinata Can Beat Code? Naruto Makes the Wrong Move!

It is understandable what Naruto feels where he wants to protect Himawari, in order to prevent unwanted things.

But, on the other hand, Naruto had to trust and respect his abilities as well. 

Hinata also often helps Naruto on the battlefield, helping him defeat various enemies.

It's really unfortunate how Hinata might be more useful and also more extraordinary when she is shown her heroic side by saving the child, while also saving Konoha.

Unfortunately, Hinata has to get back to feeling what is the main problem of this franchise.

In fact, Hianata herself had sworn to protect her family no matter what.

Of course it would be amazing to see a married couple working together to save their child.

On the other hand, we also see a pair of great shinobi working together to defeat a strong enemy.

From a narrative perspective, this could be a major change presented in the franchise.

But, unfortunately, Naruto did not see his wife as a great shinobi figure but as a secondary figure.

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