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5 Most Powerful Gods in DC Universe!

5 Most Powerful Gods in DC Universe!

The DC Universe is a repository of superheroes and supervillains who are renowned for their powers. 

For example, one of the symbols of power in the DC Universe that is often showcased is Superman, who is famous for his ability to fly and his breath of ice. 

Even so, Superman is still not included in the New God DC class which is famous for having very powerful powers. 

And of all the New Gods in the DC Universe, five of them have a good reputation as the most powerful gods, who are they? 

Here are 5 DC New Gods that have tremendous power!

1. Big Barda

5 Most Powerful Gods in DC Universe!

From the name alone, this female god is intimidating enough. 

Originally Big Barda was one of the strongest members of the Female Furies, the most elite warrior belonging to Darkseid. 

However, because of his love for Scott Free aka Mister Miracle, he left Apokolips and became the New Genesis army, betraying Darkseid. 

His prowess as a New God, made Big Barda the most formidable warrior in the universe. 

The older Barda, the more powerful his strength. Almost in every battle he did, Big Barda was never told to lose once.

2. Darkseid

5 Most Powerful Gods in DC Universe!

When it comes to the most terrible supervillain in the DC Universe, Darkseid is one of them who is quite often a threat to the Justice League. 

Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips who claims that he and his army are New Gods who replace Old Gods such as Zeus, Ares, and so on. 

Even the entire Planet that he once colonized, regarded Darkseid as an Evil God. 

Although his physical strength is famous for being tremendous, what makes him the most powerful god in the DC Universe is because of his terror and domination in the universe.

3. Light Ray

5 Most Powerful Gods in DC Universe!

At first Light Ray was just an ordinary New Genesis warrior, but as time went on, Light Ray further proved his strength by becoming one of the most formidable warriors in New Genesis when he fought a brutal battle against Darkseid. 

In the end it made him recognized as the New God, even by Darskeid. 

After becoming a New God, Light Ray continued to develop his speed, making him the fastest New God in the universe. 

Although he is not as famous as other New Gods, but his strength is recognized by the Green Lantern Corps and Blue Lantern Corps.

4. Mister Miracle

5 Most Powerful Gods in DC Universe!

As Big Barda's lover, Mister Miracle also has a high reputation as the New God. 

You could say Mister Miracle is one of the New Gods whose life history is quite dark. 

Since childhood he was raised in the notorious Granny Goodness Orphanage, then he was sold to New Genesis by Darkseid as a peace deal. 

After meeting Big Barda he became one of the keys to knowing Apokolips' weakness. Besides being strong, Mister Miracle is also famous for his unrivaled ability to escape alias Escapology.

5. Orion

5 Most Powerful Gods in DC Universe!

There is no denying that Orion is one of the most powerful New Gods in the DC Universe. 

This is because Orion is the son of Darkseid who is predicted to kill him. After knowing the prophecy, Darkseid then banished Orion to New Genesis. 

But outside of Darkseid's plans, Orion became one of the New Genesis fighters who fought fierce battles against Apokolips. 

When he joined the Justice League, the other members respected Orion as the only character Darkseid feared.

Those are the 5 most powerful New Gods in the DC Universe so far. 

Even though they may one day be replaced by another god, at least they won't escape the title of "New God". 

Even as time goes by, they are shown to be more powerful than before. 

And you could say, from the many DC characters, these five characters have proven that they are worthy of the title "God" in the DC Universe which is famous for its strong characters.

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