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One Piece: What Caused the Lunarian Race to Extinction?

One Piece: What Caused the Lunarian Race to Extinction?

What really happened to the Lunarian race? 

Why did they become extinct? 

This became a big question for One Piece fans when they were presented with facts about the Lunarian race, a race that was thought to have been extinct for a long time. 

The Lunarian race itself was first "introduced" in the One Piece story in chapter 1023 yesterday.

In the battle between Queen and Sanji, Queen had mentioned about the Lunarian race. 

The Lunarian race is referred to as one of the ancient tribes in the One Piece story. 

Information about the Lunarian race itself is still not too much. 

However, some basic information about this race is already presented in the story. 

An example is Marco saying that the Lunarian race is the race of the gods.

It was later discovered that they had lived in the Red Line area. In terms of strength, it is known that the Lunarian race is capable of controlling fire. 

In chapter 1033 yesterday, Sanji had asked Queen something. 

Sanji asked what really happened to the Lunarian race and why then they became extinct.

One Piece: What Caused the Lunarian Race to Extinction?

Unfortunately, Queen did not provide any answers to these questions. 

However, there are several theories that might explain why the Lunarian race became extinct. 

The first theory is that the Lunarian race was attacked by the Celestial Dragons. 

As we know, the Red Line area is now a territory controlled by the Celestial Dragons. 

That was where Mary Geoise stood. 

Mary Geoise itself is home to the kingdoms that make up the World Government.

Until now it is still a question why they built Mary Geoise in the Red Line area. 

Maybe, before the 20 kingdoms built Mary Geoise, there was a residence for the Lunarian race. 

They lived there for hundreds or even thousands of years, until then 20 kingdoms emerged that destroyed the Ancient Kingdom.

It was possible that apart from destroying the Ancient Kingdom, these 20 kingdoms also destroyed the Lunarian tribe or race. 

They evicted the Lunarian race and then built Mary Geoise on land that was once home to that race. 

One Piece: What Caused the Lunarian Race to Extinction?

The war that took place between the Lunarian race and the Celestial Dragons was unavoidable.

Unfortunately, Lunarian had to lose. 

Most of them died, and only a small part of them survived and survived until now.

And King became the only Lunarian who was able to survive until now. 

Perhaps this was also the reason they were called the race of the gods. 

Apart from their ability to control fire, as well as tremendous physical strength, they have been around for a long time.

The second possibility is that the Lunarian race was betrayed by the 20 kingdoms. 

Until now, we never know which kingdoms or races were involved in the epic war 800 years ago. 

Only the kingdom of Alabasta is known to have taken part in the war. 

It could be, the Lunarian race also became allies of the 20 kingdoms that attacked the Ancient Kingdom.

As mentioned above, the Lunarian race has prowess when it comes to firebending. 

With this tremendous power, the kingdoms can use it for their benefit. 

In this context, the 20 kingdoms used the abilities of the Lunarian race to destroy the Ancient Kingdom. 

And in exchange, they were then allowed to live in Mary Geoise.

One Piece: What Caused the Lunarian Race to Extinction?

However, the celestial dragons then betrayed them, where because the 20 kingdoms managed to win against the Ancient Kingdom, they thought that the Lunarian race was no longer needed. 

And finally the Lunarian race was massacred by the 20 kingdoms that existed at that time. 

Unbeknownst to them, it turns out that there is one person who survived the incident, none other than King.

How then could they finish off the race called the race of the gods? 

Ancient Weapons could be the answer to this. Ancient weapons are so far known as very powerful weapons that can destroy the world. 

This means that to be able to destroy the Lunarian race, it becomes an easy matter because the 20 kingdoms use ancient weapons.

One Piece: What Caused the Lunarian Race to Extinction?

Even though they possessed formidable strength, it was unlikely that they would be able to withstand the attacks of the ancient weapons. 

The moment or event of the Lunarian race massacre may be recorded in the Poneglyph, and become one of the World Government's bad secrets that people don't want to know. 

Maybe this is the reason why Queen asked Sanji to find out for himself what really happened to them.

And on the other hand, this could also be the reason why King decided to join Kaido. 

In another article, it was mentioned that one of the speculations why King joined Kaido was because he wanted to take revenge on the World Government, for what happened to his race.

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