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5 Marvel Comics Characters Who Traveled Through Time

5 Marvel Comics Characters Who Traveled Through Time

In Marvel comics, time travel has always been an interesting theme. 

Because of this theme, fans usually hear all sorts of incredible stories from time travelers being told to visit some point in Marvel history. 

In Marvel comics, there are several characters whose names are well-known as time travelers, both for personal purposes and for larger purposes. 

These time travelers spend most of their time outside their timeline. 

Who are these interesting characters? See below.

1. Bishop

5 Marvel Comics Characters Who Traveled Through Time

When it comes to time travel, the XMen have many famous time travelers, including Lucas Bishop. 

One of his iconic time travel stories takes place in the comic book series XMen: Onslaught (1996), in which Bishop is said to travel through time to tell the rest of the XMen that a villain exists. 

The traitor who will destroy them is Xavier, who is possessed. by a cosmic supervillain named Onslaught. 

Despite trying to save the XMen, Onslaught manages to escape by taking the body of Xavier aka Professor X.

2. Cable

5 Marvel Comics Characters Who Traveled Through Time

Another well-known XMen time traveler is Cable, who is Bishop's rival, who seems to be more famous. 

That's because Cable's time travel story has been going on since he was a kid. 

Cable is the son of Scott Summers aka Cyclops, who was sent to the future so that an organic technical virus that attacks the left side of his body can be cured. 

A few years later, Cable returns as an adult with a big gun as his trademark. 

At Marvel itself, Cable's influence has been proven by his success in turning history around.

3. Doctor Doom

5 Marvel Comics Characters Who Traveled Through Time
Doctor Doom is not specifically dedicated to being a time traveler. 

However, in one of the Marvel Comics stories, Doctor Doom is once said to have found a time platform for him to time travel. 

He was asked to use the Time Platform to find Blackbeard's lost treasure. 

Another time, time travel accidentally takes Doom to RamaTut, where the birth of Kang the Conqueror begins, who greatly idolizes Doctor Doom's evil intentions and outfits.

4. Kang the Conqueror

5 Marvel Comics Characters Who Traveled Through Time

When it comes to the greatest time traveler in the Marvel Universe, Kang is one and only. 

Of all the time traveler characters, Kang seems to be the most dedicated. 

His whole life is devoted to traveling through time and mastering the easing timeline. 

Even because Kang the Conqueror often travels through time Marvel characters know him in various versions. 

Besides Kang himself, the other famous versions of Kang are the younger version called Iron Lad and the old version called Immortus where letiga is haunted by time travel.

5. Ravonna Renslayer

5 Marvel Comics Characters Who Traveled Through Time

Ravonna Renslayer is another reason why Kang's time has flown so far. 

Ravonna is said to be Kang's lover who often follows him on a certain timeline. 

In addition to her role as a lover, there is also an alternative version of Ravonna who often goes alone to avenge Kang. 

Revenge begins when Kang destroys his planet and forces her to become lovers. 

With all her time travel experiences lost, Ravonna is the female version of Kang the Conqueror.

Here are five Marvel characters who are designated as the greatest time travelers in the Marvel Universe. 

Of course, as time travelers, it's impossible for them to touch each other. 

Because even though the timeline at Marvel has a non-top number of times, basically there is only one timeline or timeline that they use. 

And while the number of time travelers is not large their presence complicates the timeline and all the life within it.

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