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Digimon: 5 Digivolution that Has Unexpected Form Changes!

Digimon: 5 Digivolution that Has Unexpected Form Changes!

The evolution in the Pokemon or Digimon stories is one of the interesting elements of the series.

This is one of the things that makes them both interesting.

However, even though evolution is something that is in the two series, in fact there are quite significant differences from the end result of this evolution.

The evolution that is carried out in the Pokemon series is usually very "to the point", where the monsters evolve to be bigger or have a more interesting shape.

In the rest, the evolution made by the Digimon series is quite complex.

Each Digimon who is not at the top level is able to digivolving into several forms.

Even though the Digimon evolution looks very interesting, it is not uncommon for their evolution to be very strange.

Here are some of the most eccentric Digimon evolutions.

1. Sukamon Becomes Etemon

Digimon: 5 Digivolution that Has Unexpected Form Changes!

Sukamon is a Digimon that has a cream-like shape on top of a cake, it's just that it's gold in color and not white like cream.

The Sukamon also has very large square teeth, a very long red tongue, and two small arms.

When attacking Mimi and Palmon, Sukamon will throw a miniature form of him.

You could say Sukamon is one of the Digimon with a bad character design.

However, what was surprising was that when Sukamon evolved, he later turned into Etemon.

In the Digimon Adventure story, Etemon is a Digimon who has a body shape like a monkey and has a very fashionable appearance.

Nobody would have thought that from a cream-shaped monster that could turn into a monkey.

2. Gatomon Becomes Angewomon

Digimon: 5 Digivolution that Has Unexpected Form Changes!

Gatomon is a Digimon who has an interesting character design.

Gatomon is a partner of Kari Kamiya.

Gatomon does have a body size similar to Digimon at the initial level, but actually Gatomon is a Champion level Digimon.

One of the forms that Gatomon has during evolution is Angewomon.

What's interesting is that even though Angewomon looks like a holy Digimon aka angel, but in fact the form is only humanoid.

The humanoid has wings and a helmet that makes him look like an angel.

The change that occurred from a cat to a humanoid in the form of an angel was truly an unexpected thing.

3. Greymon Becomes a Vademon

Digimon: 5 Digivolution that Has Unexpected Form Changes!

Greymon is a popular Digimon that has even become an iconic Digimon besides Agumon.

Greymon is a Digimon that has a shape like a T-Rex and can shoot fireballs from its mouth.

Even though it has an interesting character form, it turns out that Greymon has a very strange and confusing evolutionary form.

One form of Greymon's evolution is Vademon, a Digimon that has a shape like an alien, with a visible part of the brain and a laser gun in one hand.

I don't think a single fan would have thought that the evolution of Greymon would be this bad.

Changing from a dragon or a dinosaur to an alien is truly eccentric and unexpected.

4. Yokomon Becomes Biyomon

Digimon: 5 Digivolution that Has Unexpected Form Changes!

Yokomon is a Digimon that has a shape like a plant.

Yokomon has a round body shape with a soft pink color, tentacle-shaped legs, and also a blue flower on the head.

Surprisingly, the change or evolution of Yokomon is different from what it should be, especially when he evolves into Biyomon.

Biyomon is a Digimon that has a shape like a bird, not a plant.

Indeed, in terms of color, they have the same color scheme with a predominance of pink and blue.

But, that's the only thing these two Digimon have in common.

The rest are very different.

Maybe for people who don't know about Sora's Digimon, it seems that no one will realize that Yokomon and Biyomon are the same monster.

5. SnowAgumon Becomes Frigimon

Digimon: 5 Digivolution that Has Unexpected Form Changes!

In the Digimon story, there is a monster that is very similar to Agumon's figure, SnowAgumon.

The equation itself lies only in the character design.

Whereas the difference is SnowAgumon has a white body color and has different strengths.

And SnowAgumon himself can evolve into a monster donated Frigimon.

What is quite strange about this Digimon is that Frigimon is a Digimon that has the form of a bear and a snowman.

Her own attacks relied more on striking her arms, rather than strikes from claws.

Even though SnowAgumon and Frigimon had attacks from the ice, the evolution that took place from a small dinosaur to a snow bear was completely unexpected.

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