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Hard to Believe, PS5 Sold Out in Japan!

Hard to Believe, PS5 Sold Out in Japan!

Sony will soon release its newest console game device to the market.

If you don't miss the schedule, the PlayStation 5 will go on sale for the first time on November 12.

Some of the countries that will experience it for the first time are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Although not mentioned, of course Japan as the country of origin of Sony will be the country to experience the PS5 for the first time.

This can be proven from the reports found today.

Reporting from GameSpot, Sony has announced that consumers in Japan will no longer be able to find the PS5.

The Video Games Chronicle also stated that the PS5 launch quota in Japan had been sold out.

The seller said, "Due to high interest and high user orders, the launch sold out with reserved quantities."

Sony said that at the launch of the PS5, it would not hold the event in person.

So fans must be prepared to fix the device if they really want it.

Sony also appealed to PS5 lovers to frequently check the shop where they ordered the device, either pre-order or in person.

With this great enthusiasm for console game fans, Sony is confidently targeting high sales.

Hiroki Totoki, as CFO of Sony, said that Sony hopes the PlayStation 5 can sell 100 million units.

This amount is the target for the overall sales results as long as the PS5 is present in the market.

Sony wants this target because the company has previously reached this figure in several series such as PS4, PS2, and PS1.

So far the PS2 is recorded to be the best selling of all time with sales of 155 million units.

Then followed by PS4 113.5 million units and PS1 with sales of 102.4 million units.

Sony hopes that sales in the first half of the PS5 will be equal to what PS4 sales achieved, which was 7.6 units.

What about Nextren Friends? are you one of the millions of people who want this one device?

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