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4 Places You Must Visit in Zanzibar, Tanzania

4 Places You Must Visit in Zanzibar, Tanzania

The African continent is one of the tourist destinations that are still rarely included in the list of holiday tourists from Indonesia. 

Apart from the long distance, the cost of making a visa and the cost of traveling to the continent which is commonly called The Dark Continent, are the main reasons. 

However, make no mistake, with all these difficulties, if you get through it, all will pay off with the natural beauty it has. 

One of the African-owned countries that will blow your mind is Tanzania, to be precise in the Zanzibar Islands.

The clear sea water, the white sand on the beach, the unique local culture, the colorful fish that are scattered in the shallow wide sea, and the cute-looking giant animals are unique things that are always sought after by tourists visiting the Zanzibar Islands.

Here are four places that you must visit to enjoy the millions of truly juvenile creations of God.

1. Prison Island.

4 Places You Must Visit in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Prison Island is one of the small islands that was used to quarantine residents affected by yellow fever. 

Oh yes, don't forget, tourists visiting Tanzania must bring and already have a yellow book that shows that you have done this yellow fever vaccine, huh!

Furthermore, on Prison Island you can enjoy unique and beautiful fauna. 

Who has ever heard of an animal called the Galapagos? 

Yup, a giant turtle that can weigh up to 200 kilograms. When they straighten their legs, they can be tight! Well, on this island you can see hundreds of Giant Turtles or Galapagos and feed them directly.

Well, the largest Giant Turtle belonging to Prison Island reaches 196 kg. 

You can feed directly because they are spread freely and unite with visiting tourists.

Besides galapagos, you can also spoil your eyes with other animals that are no less beautiful. You must know peacocks? 

Peacocks are very beautiful birds that you can actually find in several regions in Indonesia. 

However, on this island you can see amazing views up close and freely too, you know! 

They are also used to tourists, so they will not run away if approached. 

If you are lucky, you will see the male's tail, which is wide open and super beautiful. 

As additional information, it is the male peacock who has a very beautiful tail, and he will expand his tail when he wants to attract the attention of the female around him. 

Here's a portrait of Prison Island's incredible man.

As said earlier, Prison Island is a small island that can be reached by boat from Zanzibar City. 

This island has a long bridge that is quite instagramable and comfortable white sand for sunbathing.

2. Mnemba Island.

4 Places You Must Visit in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Mnemba Island is located quite a distance from Zanzibar City. You need to take about two hours to reach the place. 

However, the long journey will pay off with the beautiful nature of the private island which has a wide stretch of white sand, rarely touched by foreign tourists, is quiet, serene, peaceful, and has a shallow clear sea.

Yup, Mnemba Island is a private island where only certain people can enter there. 

But for foreign tourists who don't want to enter the island, you can play around it and still enjoy the beauty of the sea which is just as amazing.

Around the island of female singers can do snorkeling with a depth of the sea is only about prayer meter only, you know! 

The seabed, which is paved with white sand, is clearly visible during the day with sunlight reaching its depth. 

Millions of colorful small fish scatter and gather around the people doing the snorkeling. 

Guaranteed, even two hours are not enough to keep you satisfied.

3. Stone Town.

4 Places You Must Visit in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Stone Town is the city center of Zanzibar. In Stone Town, there are so many things you can enjoy. 

First, you can rent accommodation on the beach which is quite affordable while on vacation in Zanzibar. 

Then watch local culture such as African teenage boys jumping in the afternoon while enjoying local street food namely African pizza, seafood satay, various kinds of Tanzanian soups, and many more.

Besides that, you can also learn about the history of Zanzibar at the museum available in Stone Town and through the signboard on the historical heritage fort that is open to the public. 

If you want to buy souvenirs for your family at home, cool paintings drawn directly in front of you, or African souvenir accessories you can buy at Forodhani Market. 

You can use this local market to take pictures because the design of the place is unique and very instagramable.

4. Nature Aquarium Baraka.

4 Places You Must Visit in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Alam Baraka Aquarium is a natural turtle pond located in Nungwi. 

In this natural pool you can swim with hundreds of turtles in a lake pool but with real sea water. 

You need to cover a distance of approximately two hours to get to that place. 

This place is quite crowded with tourists and it costs $ 10 in admission fees. 

Additional information, places, lodgings, and everything else in Tanzania fix prices using the USD exchange rate for foreign tourists.

This pool is quite shallow, full of trees and rocks, and of course the turtles will swarm around tourists. 

Seaweed is also provided to feed the turtles so that they will continue to gather around you. 

You can enjoy the excitement of being united with nature to your heart's content, aka there is no time limit.

Source: Brilio

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