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6 Korean Dramas About the Story of Returning to the Past

6 Korean Dramas About the Story of Returning to the Past

Time travel to the past is the most interesting thing even though it has not been proven to be true. 

But it doesn't matter if you fantasize about doing it. In the past sometimes people made mistakes that they wanted to fix. 

Things like that are what you want to fix if you can return to the past.

Well, the theme of returning to the past is often raised in Korean dramas. 

The following is a Korean drama that tells about a trip back in time.

1. Operation Proposal.

Operation Proposal

This drama has a time-travel theme and is basically about a character who will time travel back in time to protect his first love. 

This drama stars Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin.

This drama has a romantic friendship genre that makes viewers feel carried away. 

Not only in Korea, this drama has appeared in many countries, including on national TV stations. 

Thanks to the cast and very interesting storyline, this drama became the best drama of its time so that five years after the release of this drama it is still enjoyed by Korean drama lovers.

2. Faith.

Faith k drama

Who hasn't watched Faith? 

Don't admit to Korean drama lovers and Lee Min Ho fans if you haven't watched the drama, starring the handsome actor.

Faith's drama managed to amaze the audience with excellent acting, coupled with the co-star Lee Min Ho who reportedly had a love affair with the location.

Faith tells the story of the love story of a warrior from the Goryeo era played by Lee Min Ho with Kim Hee Sun who is his co-star. 

Kim Hee Sun plays a female doctor from the future. For the sake of royal safety, Lee Min Ho travels through time and kidnaps the future Kim Hee Sun and takes him to the Goryeo era.

This drama has the genre of action, romance, and history. 

This is Lee Min Ho's first historical drama and was very successful at attracting many fans and was very successful in its time for three consecutive years.

3. Go Back Couple.

Go Back Couple

This Korean drama tells the story of a 38 year old married couple who feel sorry for each other getting married at a young age. 

This Korean drama will tell how time travels when the couple is 20 years old.

This drama stars Jang Na Ra and Son Ho Jun. 

The Korean drama Go Back Couple is a comedy and romantic genre. 

Because it is a romantic comedy genre, not a few claim to really love this drama because of the very interesting storyline.

4. God's Gift - 14 days.

God's Gift - 14 days

This Korean drama tells the story of a woman named Kim So Hyun played by Lee Bo Young whose daughter is kidnapped and found murdered. 

Feeling depressed about losing his beloved daughter, So Hyun finally committed suicide. 

But what happened was unexpected, a miracle brought him back to the past, namely two weeks before his daughter was kidnapped.

This drama has a mystery and investigative genre. 

This drama is also not left behind from the best dramas in its heyday. 

This drama managed to amaze the audience with an unexpected story so many viewers hoped that this drama would have a next season.

5. Nine: Nine Time Travel.

Nine: Nine Time Travel

This Korean drama tells the story of an announcer at a TV station named Park Sun Wo, played by Lee Seung Jun, who falls in love with a new reporter named Jun Min Young, played by Jo Yoon Hee. 

They are given nine opportunities to travel back in time to solve a crime that occurred 20 years ago.

This drama has a mystery and romantic genre. 

This drama managed to make the audience curious about the journey taken by this couple. 

Not a few Korean drama lovers also like this drama because it is very mysterious and makes the audience surprised when watching it because the storyline is unpredictable.

6. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This drama is set in the early Goryeo Dynasty. 

Hye Su, played by IU, is a 25-year-old girl from the modern era who was thrown back to the beginning of the Goryeo Dynasty and caught in the conflict of the Wang Kingdom. 

There Hye Su fell in love with a prince named Wang So, played by Lee Joon Gi.

This drama has both romantic and political genres. With a drama story that has a story line beyond the audience's thinking, this drama becomes popular and is also broadcast on several TV stations other than Korea.

So, here are some of the best Korean dramas that tell stories back in time that make the storyline unpredictable, not boring, and make the audience more curious about the next storyline. 

Not even a few fans want a follow-up story. Which one do you want to watch first?

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