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If Naruto Dies, This Is What Happens to Boruto!

If Naruto Dies, This Is What Happens to Boruto!

The battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki is in fact not an easy battle for Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Uzumaki Boruto. 

The three of them had a hard time defeating Isshiki, because his strength was far above the three of them. 

In fact, Naruto and Sasuke were unable to deliver any meaningful attacks towards Isshiki. 

This is what makes fans speculate a lot about how to beat Isshiki.

Speculation that is widely circulating among fans is that one of Sasuke and Naruto will sacrifice himself. 

Most fans speculate that Sasuke will sacrifice himself, but in the latest chapter of Boruto it is shown that Naruto will sacrifice himself. 

Then, what will happen to Boruto if his father dies?

Boruto Becomes Stronger

If Naruto Dies, This Is What Happens to Boruto!

Like the characters in shonen manga, when someone they love or have the most influence in their life, dies, surely that character will get stronger. 

If a villain is killed, the main protagonist will train hard to become stronger to take revenge on the villain who killed the person he loves.

However, if the death is due to the struggle they did, the protagonist will usually turn stronger as a form of proof. 

Seeing Naruto who will sacrifice his life, Boruto will certainly try to avenge his father's death by killing Isshiki. 

But, that would be after he got strong.

Activate Jogan Mode

As we know, Naruto has a very unique Doujutsu, which only he has, namely Jogan. 

So far, not much information is known about Jogan. 

We don't know how Boruto got the doujutsu. 

We also do not know what the abilities and the extent of Jogan's strength are.

So far, Jogan has only been able to see enemy weaknesses, see chakra flow, and be able to make jumps between dimensions. Maybe, after Naruto's death, Boruto will use Jogan to its full potential. 

We will see how terrible Jogan really is. Moreover, so far Jogan is rarely shown to have an important role in a battle.

Boruto Has Sasuke's Rinnegan

Actually, this scenario can be said to be quite crazy, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. We know that Sasuke has one of the most powerful and popular doujutsu, the Rinnegan. 

With this ability, Sasuke can control life, control gravity, and can even control anything in this world. 

In essence, he had the most abilities in the world.

here are two ways for someone to activate the Rinnegan, by fusing Hashirama's cells with Otsutsuki's chakra or by giving it directly. 

Boruto may have some of Hashirama's cells because Naruto has it, but Boruto doesn't have Otsutsuki's chakra. 

So the only way is to give it directly to Boruto. 

This can be one way to "repay" Naruto's death from Sasuke. Combining Rinnegan and Jogan can make Boruto an invincible figure.

Boruto's Otsutsuki Mode Will Activate

If Naruto Dies, This Is What Happens to Boruto!

Like a Jinchuriki, in Naruto's body there is a great power that comes from the figure of Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

However, the difference is that Boruto is not a Jinchuuriki but a shinobi who has a Karma seal. 

This seal is a sign that someone becomes a vessel for the Otsutsuki clan, and in this case, Boruto becomes a vessel for Momoshiki.

Chapter 43 Reveals Boruto's 'Strange' Power Source We do know that there is a rule that fellow Otsutsuki members, cannot kill each other. 

But, on the other hand, they can consume other Otsutsuki who are destined to be sacrificed. 

Seeing what Kaguya, Indra, and Asura were doing, which shows that fellow Otsutsuki clans could even fight each other, it is not impossible that Boruto will activate the Karma seal he has and then try to defeat Isshiki - even though he doesn't kill him. 

This is the same as when Boruto was controlled by Momoshiki against Boro.

The prediction at the beginning of the story will happen

If Naruto Dies, This Is What Happens to Boruto!

Behind all the options that might happen to Boruto, what might feel the most realistic is that Boruto can't do anything about it. 

By the time Boruto saw Naruto helpless, there was nothing Boruto and Sasuke could do apart from being sad and angry of course. 

Seeing these conditions, Isshiki will take the opportunity to go to Konoha and look for Kawaki.

Shikamaru and all in Konoha, it seems that is not a formidable obstacle for Isshiki, and that's why Isshiki then managed to get back Kawaki.

Isshiki then re-implants his Karma seal, and Kawaki turns evil again. 

And what we saw at the beginning of the series, where Boruto and Kawaki fought each other, might end up happening.

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