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7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

Having the power of a devil fruit is a big advantage for someone in the One Piece story.

They will be endowed with a unique ability that is even more powerful than the devil fruit they consume.

For example, they can turn into certain objects, can control something, and amazingly they can turn into animals or monsters.

Indeed, having the ability of a devil fruit will make their chances of winning in a battle even greater.

But, One Piece has many tough and strong characters who don't even need devil fruit to win in a battle. Who are they?

1. Edward Weevil
7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

Weevil, a character who claims to be a child of Whitebeard and also a former Shichibukai.

The bounty value is 480 million Belly.

During the time skip, Weevil fought and destroyed 15 crew of pirates under the name Whitebeard, to get the Whitebeard treasure promised by Bakkin.

After the Shichibukai system was eliminated, Weevil and his mother were forced to face a naval attack.

Because he was no longer an ally, Bakkin gave Weevil permission to finish off the naval forces, which he was looking forward to.

Weevil himself was last seen fighting an all-out fight against the navy.

Maybe one of the admirals will show up and help, then kill Weevil.

2. Silvers Rayleigh
7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

Silvers Rayleigh is the right hand of the pirate king.

His toughness was unquestionable because Roger's right hand was certainly not just anyone.

Some of Rayleigh's abilities are that he masters various types of Haki.

Rayleigh was the one who taught Luffy all the Haki abilities he had.

3. Dracule Mihawk
7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

Mihawk is one of the 7 former sea kings or Shichibukai who worked for the navy.

Mihawk is not a devil fruit eater.

His strength is he got from the results of his hard work.

The power of Mihawk himself is in his sword skills and his sword, Yoru.

The Yoru Sword is one of the 12 strongest swords ever.

Although we are rarely shown how Mihawk acts and how Mihawk strengths, in the Marineford arc we can see how powerful a Mihawk is.

First is his ability to see from a distance, for example, is he can still see Luffy among the crowd of pirates.

Second is Yoru's incredible slash, even he can slash frozen seawater with one slash.

4. Kozuki Oden
7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

From the beginning, Oden did aspire to become a pirate.

Until then he met with Whitebeard who accepted him as his crew.

However, Roger was also interested in Oden's figure because Oden could read Poneglyph, a treasure made by the Kozuki family.

Like Crocus, Oden only joined Roger's crew for one to two years.

Oden helped Roger to translate the various instructions in Poneglyph, which led him to Laugh Tale.

After reaching Laugh Tale and laughing with Roger, Oden then writes all of his adventures in a diary.

5. Shanks
7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

Shanks the redhead is "responsible" for making Luffy finally become a pirate like himself.

Shanks used to work on Roger's pirate ship with the clown Buggy.

But, now Shanks has become one of the Yonko besides Big Mom, Kaido, and Black Beard.

He is also the only Yonko who does not eat devil fruit (because at first the devil fruit Gomu Gomu will he eat, but hurriedly eaten by Luffy).

All information about Shanks is still a mystery, but certainly, its strength is equivalent to Mihawk and White Beard.

The proof, he was able to withstand Yoru's sword and he was able to withstand the attack of the White Beard to the point of making the sky split.

One thing that became Shanks' identity was Haki's awesome strength.

He could pass out hundreds of people with only Hakinya.

6. Rocks D. Xebec
7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

The name of the pirate Rocks D. Xebec only appeared after the second half of Wano was closed, when Sengoku revealed all about Rocks.

Rocks is not an arbitrary name, because both the world government and the navy are very reluctant to this name.

So terrible, the history of Rocks was erased from history and deliberately covered up by them.

Rocks is a pirate captain who turns out to have terrible men.

Some of them are Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, also Shiki, and several other big names.

Because of the terrible form of Rocks, he must be defeated with the help of the Monkey D. Garp alliance with pirate Roger.

The fighting incident was referred to as the God Valley incident. The truth is still not known for certain whether Rocks has the power of devil fruit or not, but most likely Rocks do not have it the same as Roger.

7. Gol D. Roger
7 Very Strong Pirates in One Piece without Devil Fruits!

Just like Rayleigh, it seems Geeks also already know who the figure of Gol D. Roger.

He is the pirate king, the man who made it to the island of Laugh Tale with the help of Kozuki Oden and the Minks tribe.

But, when Roger arrived at the island and found his treasure he just laughed which was then followed by his entire crew.

It is still unknown what Roger laughs at, but what is certain is that he wants to be at the same time as Joy Boy.

What's interesting is because the first reaction made by Roger after finding the treasure is laughter, this is what later inspired the name of this island.

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