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5 Unique Facts About Beta, a Versatile Member of Shadow Garden


Beta Shadow Garden

From Cowardly to Becoming the Most Competent Member

Shadow Garden is an impressive organization, capable of moving effectively and solving any problem in an instant.

Behind the greatness of Shadow Garden are highly competent members. One of the most skilled members in this organization is Beta.

As one of the seven core members, Beta possesses various abilities that make all the organization's tasks much more manageable.

Now, for you hardcore fans of Beta from The Eminence in Shadow series, you might want to check out some unique facts about her.

5 Unique Facts About Beta

Beta Shadow Garden

1. Jack of All Trades

Beta is a versatile member of Shadow Garden, capable of handling various tasks such as combat, espionage, rescue missions, and acting as an informant. She is an all-around member.

While this makes Beta valuable, it also poses a challenge. Despite her ability to handle diverse tasks, none of them truly stand out as her expertise. 

In terms of leadership, she falls short compared to Alpha; in combat, Delta surpasses her; and in espionage and magical control, she is outmatched by Epsilon.

2. Caring for Shadow Garden Members

When Beta initially joined Shadow Garden, she was timid and incapable. She even regretted taking a life during a mission.

However, she didn't give up. With Cid's guidance, Beta developed into the competent member she is today. 

Consequently, Beta deeply cares for all Shadow Garden members, especially those struggling with missions involving taking lives.

Beta mentors members facing difficulties in carrying out their tasks until they can do it independently.

3. Cid's Personal Secretary

One of Beta's main tasks in Shadow Garden is to report all events and developments within the organization to Cid.

Due to this responsibility, Beta spends a lot of time with Cid, sharing all the challenges and situations that Shadow Garden faces.

4. Plagiarism Writer

After being rescued by Cid, Beta suffered severe trauma that made it difficult for her to sleep at night.

To help her sleep, Cid would tell stories from his world to Beta until she fell asleep. Inspired by these stories, Beta made her debut as a novelist under the name Natsume Kafka.

However, her novels turned out to be plagiarized versions of stories Cid had previously shared, such as Romeo and Juliet.

5. Confidence in Appearance

Leveraging her identity as a renowned novelist, Beta uses her charm to gather information.

When collecting information, she is unhesitant to utilize her attractiveness, confidently believing that her appearance is captivating.

Among all Shadow Garden members, Beta boasts the largest bust size and doesn't shy away from using it to her advantage in obtaining information.

Overall, Beta is a versatile character who plays a significant role in the development of Shadow Garden. Her kind nature towards all members makes her highly respected and liked within the organization.

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