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Hell’s Paradise, An Anime for Who Seek Non-Power Point Battle

Hell’s Paradise, An Anime for Who Seek Non-Power Point Battle

Jigokuraku, which has another name Hell's Paradise, is an anime that tells the story of a Shogun who is interested in a mysterious island where he says there is an elixir of Immortality.

In order to fulfill the Shogun's wish, a group of people was sent to the island with the mission of taking this elixir of immortality.

The people who were sent to the island were not knights, not smart scientists, but criminals who had received death sentences.

The Shogun promised the criminals that if they found the elixir and brought it to the Shogun, then they would be given the right to be free and cancel their death sentence.

why were the criminals sent instead? This is because many expeditions have been sent to the island before but of the many expeditions of the many people who went to the island, almost none returned.

The last time someone returned from the island, it was only with a canoe filled with flowers.

However, it turned out that what was in the canoe were pieces of human bodies that had been destroyed and eaten by the flowers. 

This makes the shogun even more curious, what is on the island, the potion really exists, or not So the criminals were sent to the island to investigate.

After discussing a little about the story, next I will talk about the main character in this anime, Gabimaru.

a ferocious Shinobi who is so strong that even when he is sentenced to death by beheading, it doesn't work to be burned, it doesn't work to be pulled by a cow, it doesn't work because he is so strong.

Gabimaru is one of the death row prisoners who also went to the island on the way to the island Gabimaru was paired with an executioner named Yamada Asaemon Sagiri.

Executioners here are selected people who have powers that are considered equal to the criminals they control.

Hell’s Paradise, An Anime for Who Seek Non-Power Point Battle

Their role is to keep an eye on the criminals and execute them if they do things that are contrary to what is their goal on the island.

After getting acquainted with the story, and the main characters in this anime, next I will discuss interesting points about this anime.

One of the interesting points of this anime is the beautiful scenery of the mysterious island, on the island we are presented with beautiful flowers and also a wide and beautiful sea view, the monsters inside have their own charm.

Another interesting point in this anime is that the battles between characters and the battles of the characters with the monsters on the island are also equally depicted with neat choreography, as viewers we will be presented with battles that are not boring, not like power point battles, or battles that repeat the frames that have been drawn before.

The interaction between characters in this anime is also very good, we can see the characters supporting each other, and there are also characters who bring down other characters to get their goals.

That's the anime review from me, if you like action anime, with slick fight choreography, wrapped in beautiful scenery, I think this anime is suitable for you to watch.

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