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One Piece Interesting Facts: Rayleigh and Shakky Are Dracule Mihawk's Real Parents?

The appearance of Rayleigh and Shakky in One Piece 1059 is another surprise that was raised by Eiichiro Oda.

None of the One Piece fans suspected that Rayleigh and Shakky would reappear in a fairly important plot.

As One Piece fans know, Rayleigh and Shakky appeared to help Boa Hancock from the threat of Blackbeard who had come to Amazon Lily to kill her.

It is known that Blackbeard came to take the Devil Fruit Mero Mero no Mi belonging to Boa Hancock.

However, along with the appearance of Rayleigh and Shakky on Amazon Lily, there was a fairly horrendous speculation that accompanied the two, namely Rayleigh and Shakky were a husband and wife.

Then, no less horrendous that it turns out that Rayleigh and Shakky most likely have a child.

Who is the alleged child of Rayleigh and Shakky?

Interestingly, the name Dracule Mihawk is mentioned as the biological son of Rayleigh and Shakky.

So, is it true that Rayleigh and Shakky are the parents of Dracule Mihawk?

One of the interesting parts in One Piece 1059 is the revealing of Shakky's identity; the woman who owns the bar that Luffy and friends met during the Sabaody Island Arc.

It turns out that Shakky is the leader of the 2nd Generation Kuja Pirates.

Shakky was first shown in the Sabaody Island Arc before the time skip, in the first moment Luffy and friends were looking for Rayleigh, who at that time was better known by his profession as a ship coating technician.

Interestingly, as One Piece fans know that every leader of the Kuja Pirates has an 'unwritten law' that requires him to stay with the Kuja Pirates and settle on Amazon Lily Island.

Then, why can Shakky live freely on Sabaody Island and leave the Kuja Pirates?

The answer is because Shakky fell in love with a man, and he chose to live with that man.

The man was none other than Rayleigh.

This was once revealed by Gloriosa when Boa Hancock first fell in love with Luffy and fell ill.

If One Piece fans remember, at that time Gloriosa said to Marigold and Sandersonia that what happened to Boa Hancock had also been experienced by the previous leader of the Kuja Pirates.

With the fact that Shakky is the former leader of the Kuja Pirates, it is clear that Gloriosa's words are directed at Shakky.

Finally, Shakky chose to live with Rayleigh on Sabaody Island and gave up the Kuja Pirates led by Boa Hancock, after he trained Boa Hancock to become the strong person she is today.

Then, another theory emerged that was quite horrendous that Rayleigh and Shakky had a child.

No less horrendous, Dracule Mihawk is said to be the son of Rayleigh and Shakky.

If it's true that Dracule Mihawk is Rayleigh and Shakky's son, then it's obvious why Dracule Mihawk and Shanks look quite close despite their status as rivals.

It is known, Shakky decided to retire as a Pirate about 40 years ago; meaning that he did not participate in the events of God Valley.

The strongest assumption is that at that time Shakky was pregnant with Dracule Mihawk.

Then, in the events of God Valley, Roger and his crew, and Monkey D Garp found Shanks who was still a baby.

That meant that Dracule Mihawk and Shanks weren't that much different in age; maybe only a few months apart.

Another theory that strengthens the speculation that Dracule Mihawk is the son of Rayleigh and Shakky is the similarity of dress style and habits.

Dracule Mihawk has a habit of drinking alcohol while reading the newspaper; Same with Shaky.

Then, Dracule Mihawk's style of dress; rather, a long white shirt with a slightly open chest, also similar to Rayleigh's style.

Dracule Mihawk's great swordsmanship is also not impossible because it was trained by Rayleigh.

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