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Abilities of the Fate/Grand Order Protagonist, Fujimaru Ritsuka

Abilities of the Fate/Grand Order Protagonist, Fujimaru Ritsuka

This time I will discuss the abilities of the main character of the Fate/Grand Order, namely Fujimaru Ritsuka.

Because everything is assisted by Chaldea, Fujimaru has abilities such as being able to contract as many servants as possible, a total of 300 servants.

Unlike other HGW, Grand Order HGW allows Fujimaru to restore Command Spells.

Fujimaru abilities mostly use various Mystic Codes given by Chaldea, in the Shimosa manga, Ritsuka-chan was given a special bracelet by Da Vinci which is used to quickly change the Mystic Code.

The most basic Magus ability can usually be Gandr, in Agartha, Fujimaru's Gandr is buffed to make it fun.

Fujimaru has shown unusual resistance to high mana and poison concentrations, theorized to stem from Fujimaru's contract with Mashu, whose high poison resistance or skill blessing neutralizes any Filth-type threat below Mystic Noble Phantasm level.

Fujimaru is also proven immune to Suzuka Gozen's Mystic Eyes-type Charm, but Fujimaru is not immune to Euryale's God-class Mystic Charm.

Fujimaru Can do Ninjutsu, though only to the extent of Kawarimi no Jutsu (Substitution Technique).

Abilities of the Fate/Grand Order Protagonist, Fujimaru Ritsuka

Despite the lack of magical affinity, Fujimaru's affinity as a Master is great.

Able to work with the most evil and cunning Servants and make Fujimaru's Servants faithfully work under Fujimaru's orders regardless of the Servant's ulterior motives.

Fujimaru is also an accomplished strategist, able to lead Servants effortlessly to victory.

Fujimaru is capable of devising brilliant and surprising schemes, even with the support of Servants who are considered insane.

Fujimaru Can restore a servant's Spirit Origin to its original state.

Fujimaru are mentally strong in its own right, able to easily break free from Aphrodite's mind control and the despair-inducing illusions of the Garden of Lost Will, even Servants are unable to overcome those 2 problems and go crazy.

Physically, Fujimaru looks quite athletic where he trains regularly and is able to hold his own against Roman soldiers, and is tough enough to withstand direct cannonballs from Revolutionary War-era cannons, although Fujimaru ended up with broken bones, even when cut off from the Garden of Lost Will.

Fujimaru can also cook, especially since there are many chef servants in Chaldea.

Fujimaru is very susceptible to mental influence through dreams, which the Outer God tries to exploit as a way into the world.

He is Not the type of Magus who goes to the forefront when fighting, after all, why do you have to fight? There are so many servants.

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