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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 240: Unmasking Takaba's Curse Technique

Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts had their anticipation met with a thrilling revelation in chapter 240. The chapter brought a breath of excitement and tension into the storyline, as it showcased the intense battle between Kenjaku and Takaba.

Chapter 240 initiated with a flashback, providing a deeper understanding of the characters' predicament. Angel, the character, conveyed an imperative message to Yuta, Hakari, and their team. 

They were urged to confront Kenjaku before the colossal clash between Gojo and Sukuna reached its climax.

The rationale behind this urgency was made clear to the group. It became evident that defeating Sukuna alone would be futile if Kenjaku succeeded in merging the Japanese populace with Tengen. 

Hence, the mission to thwart Kenjaku's plans took precedence, leading to the formulation of a captivating strategy.

This strategy involved sending Takaba, one of their own, to confront Kenjaku. The battleground witnessed a fierce and riveting showdown between Takaba and Kenjaku. 

The surprising twist in this skirmish was that Takaba seemed impervious to the centipede curse that Kenjaku had directed towards him. However, the most intriguing aspect of this encounter was Takaba's peculiar actions.

Takaba humorously adorned Kenjaku with a bandana and glasses, in what appeared to be a jest. 

This seemingly light-hearted act turned out to be a turning point, revealing a chink in Takaba's curse technique. 

The battle shed light on the nature of Takaba's technique, which was deeply connected to self-confidence.

Kenjaku, the antagonist, astutely realized that the Achilles' heel of Takaba's curse lay in undermining his self-assurance. 

Subsequently, as Takaba's confidence wavered and his curse weakened, Kenjaku seized the opportune moment.

A playful challenge ensued – a game where laughter equated to defeat. 

Takaba, in response, sported a comical countenance, which ultimately triggered his own laughter. It was this precise instant that Kenjaku capitalized on, delivering a resounding blow to Takaba.

Consequently, Takaba found himself beside the lifeless body of Hazenoki, stripped of his self-confidence. 

As Kenjaku inched closer, Takaba grappled with doubts about his identity as a comedian.

The revelation of Takaba's curse technique and its clever exploitation by Kenjaku intensified the battle, introducing a level of unpredictability and intrigue. 

The impending question now lingers: how will Takaba respond to this exposed vulnerability? The answer awaits in the forthcoming chapter 241. 

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