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5 Characters Absent in One Piece Live Action

5 Characters Absent in One Piece Live Action

The One Piece live-action series can be considered one of the most successful live-action adaptations to date. Overseen directly by Eiichiro Oda, the series adapts the first five arcs of the East Blue Saga.

While the series features the same basic story with the same main characters, there are some characters absent from this live-action adaptation. Here are five characters missing from the One Piece live-action. Let's take a look!

1. Hatchan

5 Characters Absent in One Piece Live Action

Hatchan is a Fish-Man who was one of Arlong's crew members. Although not as ruthless as Arlong, Hatchan played a role as one of the antagonists in the Arlong Park Arc. In the battle at Arlong Park, Hatchan even fought against Zoro.

Hatchan is actually a very important character, especially in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. It was he who provoked Luffy into striking a World Noble, causing chaos in Sabaody. It's unfortunate that he is absent from the Arlong Park Arc in the live-action.

2. Johnny and Yosaku

5 Characters Absent in One Piece Live Action

Johnny and Yosaku are a duo of bounty hunters. They are Zoro's friends who appear in the Baratie Arc. Due to their connection with Zoro, Johnny and Yosaku allied themselves with the Straw Hat Pirates all the way to the Arlong Park Arc.

Although they only appear briefly, Johnny and Yosaku actually have quite important roles. They remind Nami of Arlong, leading Nami to steal the Going Merry to return to her village. They also briefly accompany the Straw Hat Pirates and participate in the battle against the Arlong Pirates at Arlong Park.

3. Gaimon

5 Characters Absent in One Piece Live Action

After leaving Orange Town, the Straw Hat Pirates accidentally land on Rare Animal Island. There, they meet Gaimon, who has been guarding the island for 20 years. Luffy briefly invites Gaimon to join his crew, but Gaimon declines.

While Gaimon may seem like a filler character, he is actually a canon character. However, Gaimon doesn't have a significant impact on the storyline. Therefore, there are no major changes even if he is not included in the live action.

4. Jango

5 Characters Absent in One Piece Live Action

Jango is the Vice Captain of the Black Cat Pirates. He takes over Kuro's role while Kuro disguises himself as Kaya's butler. Jango plays a fairly important role in the Syrup Village Arc.

Jango is a skilled hypnotist. In the Syrup Village Arc, he hypnotizes Kaya into writing a will. Despite his significant role, Jango is absent from the live-action adaptation.

5. Richie

5 Characters Absent in One Piece Live Action

Not only was Mohji's role reduced, but Richie was also eliminated from the live action. Richie is Mohji's pet lion. In the anime, Mohji briefly battles Luffy, making Richie's presence quite important.

However, Mohji doesn't have a very significant role in the live action. He only appears briefly and doesn't have a major impact. Therefore, Richie's absence in the live action also doesn't greatly affect the series.

Considering the duration, it's reasonable for the live-action not to include all characters. The live-action had to omit some characters due to their limited number of episodes. So, what are your thoughts on the absence of these five characters mentioned above?

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