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One Piece: The Current Fate of the Rocks Crew Is Revealed!

One Piece: The Current Fate of the Rocks Crew Is Revealed!

The fate of the rest of the Rocks pirate crew is currently one of the questions that arise among One Piece fans. 

The Rocks pirate group is one of the legendary pirate groups in the world of One Piece. They have ruled the ocean long before Gol D Roger and his group. What's interesting is that even the Rocks group is considered a major threat by the World Government.

What then made the Rocks group considered a threat is still a mystery. 

The Rocks group itself is known to have attacked God Valley Island 38 years ago. However, Garp and Roger's combination was ultimately able to stop the group and even the group eventually disbanded. 

Then, what is the fate of the Rocks crew at this time?

Rocks Pirates Crew

One Piece: The Current Fate of the Rocks Crew Is Revealed!

Based on an explanation from Sengoku, the Rocks pirate group is known to have an extremely strong crew. 

Examples are Kaido, Big Mom, and Whitebeard. 

Not to mention there are other legendary names like Shiki, Captain John, Silver Ax, and so on. 

Unfortunately, it is not known the exact number of the Rocks pirate crew before it was disbanded.

Some big names like Kaido, Big Mom, and Whitebeard even managed to finally have their own popularity in the ocean. 

They even occupy an extraordinary position, namely the Yonko or the four rulers of the oceans. 

However, their current position was shifted by young pirates like Monkey D Luffy, Blackbeard, and even Buggy after Kaido and Big Mom were defeated while Whitebeard died.

Until now, Eiichiro Oda has not provided more information about who Rocks D Xebec really is. 

What is also a question is how Rocks recruited his crew and why they then accepted Rocks as their captain. 

Is Rocks really that strong? 

Or is there something else that makes them interested in joining?

There is one interesting theory that has developed among fans regarding how Rocks got all of his crew by participating in the Davy Back Fight game. 

Nico Robin once explained that Davy Back Fight is a pirate game that has been around for a long time on pirate island. 

Davy Back Fight is a game whose objective is to “steal” other pirate crews in order to build their own pirate crew.

Apart from the theory about the Davy Back Fight, there is also another theory that is developing among fans which states that Rocks had a high reputation at that time. 

He has tremendous power which Kaido, Big Mom, and Whitebeard were defeated by. 

How Rocks needs to be defeated by two people at once and becomes a threat to the World Government illustrates how powerful Rocks is.

Current Fate of the Rocks Crew

One Piece: The Current Fate of the Rocks Crew Is Revealed!

What then is the fate of the rest of the Rocks pirate crew today? 

This is the question the fans are asking now. 

Fans are curious about what happened after the God Valley incident. 

Oda Sensei himself has shown the fate of some of the former Rocks crew. 

An example is Kaido, Whitebeard, and Big Mom who once held positions as Yonko.

However, Whitebeard had already died in the Marineford incident. 

Kaido and Big Mom themselves are strongly suspected of having drowned in Wano's lava sea even though there is a possibility of returning. 

Meanwhile, other characters such as Silver Ax and Wang Zhi are also presumed dead.

Fans have speculated that the undead on Thriller Bark are former members of the Rocks crew.

The only known remnant of Rocks' former crew is Shiki the Golden Lion. 

Even so, there was no information regarding Shiki's current whereabouts. 

Although there is no concrete evidence regarding this, there are two possibilities that could happen to Rocks' men. 

In the first place, they were all still alive and hiding and scattered in the New World region.

Their own identities are probably not widely known. 

Like the fact that Big Mom, Kaido, and Whitebeard were former Rocks crew, the fate of other Rocks crews at this time may only be known by a few parties such as Sengoku, Garp, Tsuru, or other senior marines. 

The second possibility is that they are all locked up in Impel Down prison.

The former Rocks crew could be locked up at level 6 of Impel Down, considering they are part of a group of cruel and terrible pirates who pose a threat to the World Government. 

Although it is unlikely, it is also possible that part of the crew suffered the unfortunate fate of either dying from illness or in a battle.

The Role of the Former Rocks Crew

One Piece: The Current Fate of the Rocks Crew Is Revealed!

The fate of the Rocks crew is still a mystery, but there is a possibility that they will have an important role at the end of the story. 

Those who were hiding will reappear. 

We can see this from Gol D Roger's former crew, such as Crocus or Rayleigh. 

They are currently hiding enjoying their old age. 

However, it is likely that they will have a major role in the future.

A clear example of this is Rayleigh, who returned to give Luffy a lesson about Haki. 

Then, what is the role of the former Rocks crew? 

They could be the opponents that Luffy and the Straw Hats will face before reaching Laugh Tale. 

Of course, Luffy's reputation has been heard throughout the world. And also the former Rocks crew have heard of Luffy.

They probably wanted to prevent Luffy from going to Laugh Tale. 

On the other hand, the former Rocks crew might also want to steal power from Luffy or do other evil things. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see what the fate of the Rocks crew will be, considering that they only appear in a flashback. 

And the fans themselves are still waiting for other information about this pirate group.

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