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One Piece: 7 Facts About Shiryu, Blackbeard's Vice Captain!

The name Shiryu has caught the attention of fans, especially after he was chosen as the vice captain of Blackbeard's group, and here are some interesting facts about his character. 

The name Shiryu first appeared when Luffy managed to break into Impel Down prison. Shiryu was then shown as one of the level 6 prisoners in the prison who later managed to escape when Blackbeard and his group appeared.

Shiryu then decided to join Blackbeard's group, and thanks to his abilities, he was appointed as the vice captain of the pirate crew. 

Since Oda first introduced him, fans have been curious about Shiryu's character, and there are several interesting facts that have emerged about his character. What are they?

7. Former Chief Jailer

The first interesting fact about Shiryu is that he is a former Chief Jailer at Impel Down prison. 

In his flashback story, Shiryu was a subordinate and colleague of Magellan, who was the leader of Impel Down prison. However, Shiryu was a terrifying figure who often killed the prisoners. 

What was even more terrifying was that he slaughtered the prisoners for his own pleasure.

This eventually led Magellan to imprison him. Shiryu was not imprisoned at level 5 but at the lowest level, level 6. 

According to Magellan, what Shiryu did was insane. It is unknown how long Shiryu held the position of Chief Jailer, but considering Magellan's familiarity with him, it is likely that he had been there for quite some time.

6. Cold-Blooded Killer

Shiryu is one of the most evil characters in the One Piece story. He takes great pleasure in taking the lives of others. 

The number of victims attributed to Shiryu is believed to be very high. All of Shiryu's victims were the prisoners in Impel Down. 

Shiryu enjoyed killing the prisoners when he was still the Chief Jailer.

Ironically, he did it for personal pleasure. 

Seeing this, Magellan decided to imprison him at level 6. Because of his actions, Shiryu is considered a major threat by the World Government. 

This is why many prisoners and others are terrified of him.

5. Blackbeard's Strongest Subordinate

During the riot in Impel Down, Magellan released Shiryu to help him resolve the situation. Shiryu initially intended to kill Blackbeard, but then he decided to join his pirate crew. 

Since then, he has become a member of Blackbeard's pirate crew.

Interesting information was revealed in the manga when Oda confirmed that Shiryu is Blackbeard's strongest subordinate. 

This was shown in the color spread for chapter 1031, which featured the vice captains of various pirate crews. 

Shiryu's face appeared in that color spread, indicating that he is Blackbeard's vice captain and the second strongest after the captain himself.

4. Equal Strength to Magellan

Before the timeskip, Shiryu was the Chief Jailer at Impel Down prison, and according to information, he had the same strength as Magellan, who was the head of Impel Down. 

Magellan was known to be terrifying, not only because of his fighting abilities but also because of his Devil Fruit power, which nearly killed Luffy.

Ivankov himself once said that Shiryu and Magellan were two figures who made it difficult for anyone to penetrate Impel Down's reputation, and no prisoner had ever escaped to the rest of the Grand Line. Ivankov also explained that Shiryu was even more terrifying and deadly than Magellan,

depicting Shiryu's psychopathic nature of killing prisoners.

3. Sword Expert

Shiryu is a powerful swordsman in the story. When he fights, he wields his trusted sword, "Raiu." 

In using this sword, Shiryu relies on incredible speed that leaves his enemies unable to react to his attacks. His formidable swordsmanship is further enhanced by his Devil Fruit power, Suke Suke.

After Catarina Devon killed Absalom on Beehive Island, she stole his Devil Fruit power and gave it to Shiryu. 

However, Oda has yet to reveal Shiryu's abilities when utilizing this Devil Fruit power. 

Shiryu's exceptional swordsmanship has sparked speculation that he may become a formidable opponent for Zoro.

2. Resemblance to Kozuki Oden

Surprisingly, Shiryu bears resemblance to the character Kozuki Oden. 

Aside from their extraordinary swordsmanship, their decision to join Blackbeard's crew shares similarities with Oden's joining of the Whitebeard Pirates. 

Both Oden and Shiryu possess great ambitions that were hindered by their respective circumstances.

Oden was hindered by Wano, while Shiryu was hindered by Impel Down. 

However, they both found the right individuals to fulfill their ambitions. 

Another interesting similarity is that both Shiryu and Oden held the position of Division Commander, despite being much stronger than Marco and Burgess.

1. Possesses a Powerful Sword


Shiryu possesses a formidable sword that he relies on in every battle, Raiu. According to information in the Vivre Card, Raiu is considered one of the Meito swords, or popular swords. Swords in this category possess extraordinary quality. 

What's interesting is that Raiu is likely a sword created by Shimotsuki Kouzaburo, as seen in the similar design of the blade and hilt. If this is indeed the case, it's no wonder Shiryu is regarded as one of the strongest swordsmen capable of swiftly taking many lives.

The above facts about Shiryu provide evidence that he is not just an ordinary character. Ame no Shiryu is likely to play a significant role in the future story of One Piece. 

Blackbeard's crew, being one of the factions participating in the race to Laugh Tale, suggests Shiryu's importance. 

Fans are eagerly awaiting to witness more of Shiryu's power, especially now that he has undergone a power boost.

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