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One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: Garp's Death Triggers Gear 6 Luffy!

One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: Garp's Death Triggers Gear 6 Luffy!

Although there is no confirmation yet, it is suspected that Garp's death on Beehive Island will likely trigger Luffy to activate his Gear 6. 

Monkey D Garp and SWORD members are known to be going to Beehive Island with a mission to save Koby who was kidnapped by Blackbeard in the previous chapter.

Even though there weren't many of them, it was proven that the pirates there were powerless against Garp and SWORD.

In this moment, we also get to see Garp's other strengths, for example when he destroyed parts of Beehive Island and even forced Aokiji to fall to the ground. 

However, according to leaked information in chapter 1087, Garp's figure finally had to lose after dealing with the rest of Blackbeard's crew and was even presumed dead.

Garp's Death Triggers Luffy's Gear 6

One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: Garp's Death Triggers Gear 6 Luffy!

Even though there has been no official confirmation from Oda, the condition of Garp who was seriously injured does give a signal that he might die.

The vice admiral is badly injured after protecting Koby from Shiryu's attack. 

Garp knows that Shiryu is targeting him by aiming for Koby's life. The condition itself is not good where this is a clue that Garp is most likely dead.

Not many other characters know what happened on Beehive Island, because basically Garp only invites certain people like SWORD.

However, given Garp's extraordinary reputation, news of his death will certainly spread very quickly. And the news of Garp's death will sooner or later be known by his grandson, Luffy.

Luffy and the Straw Hats are currently on Egghead Island. 

They are preparing to face a big threat, namely the navy and a Gorosei, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. 

There they meet Vegapunk and discover facts about the past. In fact, we also later know that Saul was later still alive thanks to a story from Vegapunk.

It's possible that Luffy will hear the news of his grandfather's death after everything ends on Egghead Island. 

And the reaction that Luffy shows is clearly angry and sad.

What's interesting is that there is a possibility that Luffy's extraordinary anger regarding Garp's death will be a factor for Luffy to activate Gear 6 from the Nika devil fruit that he has.

Gear 6 is likely to be Luffy's strongest Gear after Gear 5.

The powerful power of Gear 6 will be used by Luffy to kill the life of Blackbeard who is trying to avenge the death of Ace and his grandfather. 

And maybe, this Gear 6 will be Luffy's practice in their battle towards the end of One Piece's story.

Gear 6 Appearance Hint

One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: Garp's Death Triggers Gear 6 Luffy!

Some of you may be skeptical about the appearance of Gear 6 Luffy from Nika's devil fruit. 

This makes sense considering Gear 5 of this devil fruit is indeed very powerful and so far no one has been able to match its power. 

So, it's hard to predict whether there will be another powerful power that emerges from Luffy's devil fruit.

However, we can see again how Gear 5 could materialize. 

Previously, a fan had asked in one of the SBS columns about the possibility of Gear 5 appearing after Gear 4 – which incidentally was the strongest at that time. 

Oda himself doesn't answer clearly and he tends to answer in ridiculous ways. 

In fact, he considers that it is a type of network.

In the Wano arc, during Luffy's fight against Kaido, we then see how Luffy finally managed to awaken his devil fruit. 

And this is how the Gear 5 that we know today came about. 

Based on this, it is not impossible that Luffy will return to present another epic power which is none other than Gear 6.

The fans themselves suspect that Luffy is still able to present the epic power of Gear 6. 

Popular speculation says that Oda was inspired by gear or vehicle gears, especially cars, where most vehicles have Gear up to 6. 

If Gear 5 appears because Luffy is determined to defeat Kaido and liberate Wano, then Gear 6 might appear due to Garp's death.

Vegapunk Will Help Luffy

One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: Garp's Death Triggers Gear 6 Luffy!

After information about Garp's death appeared, many fans presented speculation. 

One that is no less interesting is how Luffy will return to training to increase his strength. 

The timeframe itself is slightly shorter than the timeskip period. And the figure who will teach Luffy is one of Roger's former subordinates.

This speculation is still related to speculation about the possibility that Luffy will awaken Gear 6. 

Apart from Luffy's emotions that can trigger the emergence of Gear 6, there are also other possibilities that could occur. 

For example, how can Vegapunk help Luffy to summon Gear 6. This makes sense considering that Vegapunk knows a lot about devil fruits.

As you know, vegapunk is the world's smartest scientist and also an important character in this latest arc. 

With his genius, Vegapunk certainly knows about devil fruit and also human DNA. 

He has learned a lot about humans and genetic engineering, which of course can help Lufy access Gear 6.

If then Gear 6 is really going to be presented by Oda as Luffy's final and perfect strength, then what will the manifestation be like? 

There probably won't be any big changes or differences between Gear 6 and Gear 5. 

In that case, Gear 6 will probably have a lot of the same stuff as Gear 5. 

It's just that everything is so much better. 

For example, Luffy's elastic strength will be much more terrible.

In another speculation, it is explained that the level of elasticity in Gear 6 will be able to affect space and time. 

Then, Luffy's giant body size will also be much bigger than what we saw in Gear 5. 

Luffy's size can be the same as Sanjuan Wolf's size or even more. For now, everything is still mere speculation but it is not impossible if Oda later makes this happen.

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