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One Piece 1087: Garp Dies, Is This the Navy's Response?

In the latest chapter of One Piece, it is speculated that Monkey D. Garp has died in a battle on Beehive Island, which will prompt the Navy to initiate a Buster Call. Monkey D. Garp, along with members of SWORD, is shown attempting to rescue Koby, who has been kidnapped by Blackbeard and his crew. Initially, everything goes smoothly according to plan.

However, the situation starts to change when Aokiji intervenes and confronts Garp. In Chapter 1081, Garp appears to have successfully rendered Aokiji powerless. 

However, according to the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1087, there is a possibility that Garp eventually dies. 

This could trigger the wrath of the Navy.

Garp Finally Dies

In the leaked information from One Piece Chapter 1087, it is revealed that Garp had a clash of punches with Aokiji. 

Aokiji, who was once Garp's disciple, attacks with Haki abilities, and their Haki clashes create a massive explosion. 

However, something unexpected happens as Shiryu suddenly appears and stabs Garp while trying to protect Koby.

Garp falls to the ground and delivers his final message to Koby. Although there is no official confirmation yet, it is highly likely that Garp has finally died. The death of Garp has been speculated by fans for some time. 

They have predicted that Garp would die on Beehive Island while rescuing Koby from Blackbeard's subordinates.

According to their speculation, there are several factors to consider why Garp would die on Beehive Island. Firstly, like Whitebeard, Garp is very old. During the Marineford War, Whitebeard's health deteriorated with age. 

Garp may not show signs of declining health, but that doesn't mean he hasn't experienced it.

Garp is known to possess all three types of Haki, including Observation Haki. It is evident that he can sense Aokiji's presence on Beehive Island. 

However, what's interesting is how Garp couldn't sense Shiryu's presence. There are two possibilities in this regard. 

First, Garp's Haki ability may have started to decline. Second, Garp may have intentionally done so.

However, from a narrative perspective, the first possibility seems more plausible. Another consideration is the power level of Garp and the other SWORD members. 

Some of the SWORD members may have Devil Fruit powers, but their strength doesn't seem significant. 

Especially when compared to Blackbeard's crew with their Devil Fruit powers. This power difference opens up an opportunity for Blackbeard's group to claim victory over SWORD.

Navy Deploys Buster Call

The news of Garp's death is still uncertain, and the Navy is yet to know what actually happened. As explained in the previous chapters, Sengoku and Tsuru were unaware of Garp's trip to Beehive Island. 

They were surprised when Hina informed them that Garp went there to rescue Koby, who was captured.

Garp's death will undoubtedly provoke the anger of the Navy. 

One possible outcome is the initiation of a Buster Call. Buster Call is a large-scale attack by the Navy where they mobilize a massive fleet to a specific island. 

Ohara Island can serve as an example of the devastation caused by Buster Call.

Fans must be curious as to why the Navy would initiate a Buster Call. Firstly, Garp is a Navy hero, and many high-ranking officials know and recognize him. 

Kong, the leader of the entire World Government forces, is very familiar with Garp. 

He certainly won't stay silent upon learning about the death of someone who has contributed to the Navy.

Moreover, Garp has strong allies like Sengoku and Tsuru. 

The three of them are Navy veterans from the same generation, so they won't remain idle either. Secondly, although Koby is part of SWORD, where the Navy no longer interferes with their affairs, it's different for Garp.

He is still part of the Navy, and it's unlikely that Garp joined SWORD. If that's the case, Garp's death will undoubtedly enrage the Navy. 

It's not impossible that the Navy will attempt to destroy Beehive Island, although the chances of that happening may be slim. 

It will be interesting to see the Navy's actions in the future.

SWORD Will Start Operating Openly

SWORD is an organization that still remains quite mysterious. Aokiji briefly explained about SWORD, stating that they are Navy members who have "discarded" their previous beliefs and convictions. 

They are given the freedom to move and carry out any operation. 

However, the Navy will not get involved.

Unfortunately, so far, we still don't know much about the number of SWORD members, their origins, and so on. SWORD is known to operate under the radar, without the knowledge of the general public. 

After Garp's death, where he sacrificed himself for one of their members, SWORD will undoubtedly not stay silent. They will seek revenge for Garp's death.

This will be the trigger for SWORD to eventually emerge openly. 

They will likely deploy all their abilities and resources, which will bring SWORD to the surface and make many parties aware of their existence. 

We can only anticipate what will happen to Garp and SWORD's next steps.

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