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One Piece: Figarland Garling Is Shanks' Father?

One Piece: Figarland Garling Is Shanks' Father?

The character Saint Figarland Garling is likely the father of one of the strongest characters in the One Piece series, Shanks. 

Various details related to the past story and other elements in the Mary Geoise region are slowly being revealed. 

After previously unveiling the character Nefertari Lily and clues about the Poneglyph and the Will of D, Oda now presents another fact.

In One Piece manga chapter 1086, it is revealed that Im likely comes from one of the kingdoms that formed the World Government organization. Im might possess a great power that grants immortality. 

However, what is equally interesting is the appearance of Saint Figarland Garling. 

There is an intriguing theory or speculation among fans that he is Shanks' father in the One Piece story.

Who is Saint Figarland Garling?

One Piece: Figarland Garling Is Shanks' Father?

The story of the Figarland family first appeared in the One Piece Film: Red. 

In the film, the Gorosei mentioned that Uta is possibly a part of the Figarland family, due to his connection with Shanks. 

This led fans to think that the Figarland family indeed has a connection with Shanks.

These clues also made fans believe that the Figarland family is a noble family or one of the 20 royal families that participated in forming the World Government. 

Fans are convinced that this could be the answer to various mysteries surrounding Shanks, as he is highly respected by many. 

Even the Gorosei themselves welcomed Shanks during the Reverie.

Oda Sensei then introduced a group called the Holy Knights, who operate under the command of Im and the Gorosei. 

The Holy Knights are assigned to investigate the attempted assassination of Saint Charlos and the role of Saint Mjosgard in that attempt. 

So far, there is not much information about the Holy Knights.

However, it is certain that they possess tremendous power and significant influence. 

With the introduction of the Holy Knights, Oda is revealing more about the role of the Figarland family. 

Oda seems to indicate that the Figarland family is canon for the present time. 

In chapter 1086, it is revealed that the Figarland family is connected to the Holy Knights. 

It turns out that the leader of the Holy Knights is someone named Saint Figarland Garling.

There are several interesting facts about Garling. 

He is revealed to be a former leader in the God Valley region and appears to be very villainous, hinting that he might be one of the villains that the Straw Hat crew will face in the upcoming story. 

As for the connection between Figarland and Garling, a speculation has emerged among fans that Garling is Shanks' father.

Garling is Shanks' Father

One Piece: Figarland Garling Is Shanks' Father?

Since he first appeared in the first chapter in 1997, fans have never known about Shanks' origins. 

The figure of Shanks also rarely appears in the One Piece story. 

Shanks just started to get involved in stories and major events after the Wano arc. 

However, with the One Piece storyline coming to an end, Oda began to provide some information about Shanks' origins.

In the One Piece 4 Billion booklet, it is revealed that Shanks was indeed found by Roger when he was a baby. 

Back then, Roger and his crew managed to get out of the God Valley region and seize various treasures. 

In one of the boxes, it turns out that there is a baby in it who is none other than Shanks. 

And since then, Shanks began to be a part of Roger.

The fact that Shanks is part of the Figarland family is considered one of the clues that Saint Figarland Garling is the father of Shanks. 

The attitude that the Gorosei - and Sengoku - showed towards Shanks was also taken as another clue. 

One thing that could also be a clue if Garling is Shanks' father in One Piece is Shanks' powerful level of strength.

Shanks and Garling are both sword users. 

And you may seen how powerful Shanks' strength was when he destroyed the Eustass Kid group in one strike. 

Not to mention, Shanks also has the terrible power of Haki. 

In the One Piece story itself, it is not uncommon for a character's strength level to be as strong as other family members. 

For example the Monkey family are both strong.

This may also apply to the Figarland family, in this case Garling and Shanks. 

Even though Shanks' sword skills and fighting techniques were the result of Roger and Rayleigh's upbringing, there is a possibility that the source of Shanks' powerful strength came from his father, Garling. 

This explained why Garling could later become the leader of the Holy Knights.

Other Hints

One Piece: Figarland Garling Is Shanks' Father?

What could also be a hint from the above is that Garling was a former leader of God's Valley. 

As you know 38 years ago there was a historic incident in the area where the Rocks pirate group attacked the sky dragon. 

The incident was named the God Valley Incident. Garp also tried to protect the sky dragon by facing Rocks with help from Roger.

After the incident the island was declared lost to history. 

The theory also explains that Garling might have deliberately kept Shanks in the box when the fight took place. 

Garling intends to protect his son from harm. 

However, what was unexpected was that Roger managed to steal the box because maybe he thought it contained treasure.

The moment of reunion between Shanks and Garling is of course one of the moments that fans have been waiting for. 

However, when that happens they might fight each other. 


Because, both of them now have different views and. 

Shanks himself is now a pirate with the Yonko title and Roger certainly has a lot of influence on Shanks' life.

Meanwhile, Garling is an evil figure who thinks like other celestial dragons. 

This is certainly different from Shanks' thoughts where the fight between the two might take place. 

Let's just wait, the real facts about the figure of Saint Figarland Garling and his connection with the figure of Shanks.

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