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One Piece: Figarland Garling, the Cause of Whitebeard's Wound!

The power of Figarland Garling remains a big mystery, but it is possible that he is the one who inflicted the wound on Whitebeard's body in the One Piece story. 

The name Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, is certainly not unfamiliar to geeks and One Piece fans. 

He was formerly one of the rulers of the sea, known as a Yonko, before his position was taken over by Blackbeard.

Whitebeard himself was a former crew member of Rocks D. Xebec, along with Big Mom and Kaido. Unfortunately, in the battle of Marineford, Whitebeard had to die after being attacked by the Marine forces. If you pay attention, you'll notice sword wounds on Whitebeard's body. 

This raises the question of who could have injured the strongest man in the world. And a theory emerged that Figarland Garling was the one who wounded Whitebeard.

Who is Figarland Garling?

The name Figarland Garling is one of the new names that appeared in the One Piece story. The character first appeared in chapter 1086 yesterday. 

In that chapter, Garling was seen about to execute Saint Mjosgard for what he had done earlier, attacking Saint Charlos and attempting to take his life. And there is information about Figarland Garling.

First, it turns out that Figarland Garling is the leader of the Holy Knights. This is a very strong group consisting of nine individuals who operate under the orders of the Gorosei and Im. 

They are tasked with destroying various regions that no longer cooperate with the World Government. The Revolutionary Army itself is highly wary of their power.

Second, Figarland Garling is revealed to be a former ruler or hero in the God Valley region. As geeks know, God Valley is a highly historic place where a major battle took place. 

38 years ago, there was a battle between the Rocks D. Xebec group and the Marine forces.

However, the Marines were not alone. They received help from Gol D. Roger, who eventually managed to defeat the Rocks. 

There is still no explanation for the meaning of Figarland Garling being hailed as a hero of God Valley. 

Did Garling also fight against the Rocks? It's possible. And that would make sense for him to receive such a title.

Oda Sensei has not yet revealed the true strength of Figarland Garling. However, the prevailing assumption is that Garling is a powerful individual. 

The fact that he obtained the title of leader of the Holy Knights and hero of God Valley gives an idea of how strong Garling is. And this forms the basis of the theory that Figarland Garling is the person who injured Whitebeard in the One Piece story.

Garling Injures Whitebeard

When he first appeared in chapter 234, Whitebeard was seen in a less healthy condition. 

He was receiving care from the nurses attending to him. And if you observe closely, Whitebeard has a visible wound on his chest. 

As the strongest man in the world, who could have inflicted such an injury on Whitebeard's body?

After the appearance of Figarland Garling, many fans speculate that he is the one who managed to injure Whitebeard. Why is that? Throughout the flashbacks in the One Piece story, Whitebeard is never shown with any scars. 

For example, when Whitebeard went to Wano after the disbandment of the Rocks Pirates, he did not have any scars on his chest.

Furthermore, there are no visible scars from his battle against Roger. 

This suggests that the injury to Whitebeard's body occurred after the battle in God Valley, after Wano, and after his fight against Roger. The person considered most likely to have injured Whitebeard is Figarland Garling.

Garling and Whitebeard likely fought decades ago, after Roger's execution. At that time, Whitebeard's health condition was likely already deteriorating. 

As a result, he was no longer as agile and strong in combat, which allowed Garling to wound him. Another clue supporting this theory is when Shanks came to Whitebeard's ship.

At that time, Whitebeard saw the scar on Shanks' face. The strongest man in the world then commented that he still felt resentment and anger towards that "man," which likely referred to Garling. 

As previously explained, Shanks is part of the Figarland family, which is also Garling's family.

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