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One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: The Secret of Immortality Im Sama

One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: The Secret of Immortality Im Sama

The latest leaked information about One Piece 1088 reveals interesting secrets about Im Sama. 

This leak specifically discusses how Im Sama was able to gain immortality according to the claims of several One Piece spoilers.

Eiichiro Oda, the author, is currently on leave, which means that the next chapter of the One Piece manga will take longer to release. 

Even so, some One Piece 1088 spoilers have spread among fans.

Currently, the One Piece manga has released its latest chapter which makes fans even more curious about the secrets behind its characters.

The enthusiasm that never fades from fans around the world for the continuation of the One Piece 1087 story is clearly visible, as evidenced by the emergence of leaks even though the chapter has not been released.

In the One Piece 1087 spoiler this time, we will discuss fans' theories regarding the revealed secret of Im Sama's immortality, right?

Previously, Sabo had mentioned Im's name, and then Ivankov learned that Im was from 800 years ago. 

Ivankov also seems to have found a description of Im in a book that is believed to be an encyclopedia.

Furthermore, Ivankov said that there was a possibility that Im Sama had utilized the greatest power of Ope-Ope's devil fruit, namely Operation Youth or Operation Eternity.

This is what Ivankov suspects as the reason why Im Sama can live for 800 years.

Thus, the previously circulating fan theory seems to have been proven correct. 

Another theory currently being developed among fans is that Im is immortal.

The Possible Secret Behind Im Sama's Immortality in One Piece 1088

One Piece 1088 Spoilers Reddit: The Secret of Immortality Im Sama

The story that arouses curiosity is finally revealed in the One Piece 1088 spoiler. 

The emergence of an interesting theory about Im Sama's origins and immortality is the main highlight in this One Piece spoiler.

Based on the available information, there is an assumption that Im Sama came from 800 years ago, and this is related to my use of Ope-Ope powers. Although still speculative, the use of this power does make sense.

However, the question is how can Im Sama use the greatest power of Ope-Ope's devil fruit, namely Operation Youth?

According to the information in the story, the use of Operation Youth must be paid for with the user's life. 

Thus, if Im Sama really used Ope-Ope's power, how could he still be alive today?

Related to this, there is a possibility that it has something to do with the figure of Nefertari Lily. 

As readers know, in One Piece 1084 it is revealed that Lily disappeared 800 years ago.

According to the story, Cobra, the former ruler of Alabasta and one of the founders of the World Government, reveals that Lily has disappeared without a trace. 

No record of Lily's whereabouts ever existed.

When Cobra confronts the Gorosei about this, they claim they don't know Nefertari Lily's whereabouts.

What's interesting, when Cobra said Lily's name, Im Sama looked angry. 

In fact, in One Piece 1085, Im Sama furiously kills Cobra after mentioning Lily's full name, Nefertari D. Lily.

It's possible that Lily was forced by Im to consume the Ope-Ope devil fruit before she used her Operation Youth powers on Im.

In this context, Lily's death is a possibility, and this explains why Lily disappeared hundreds of years ago and the Gorosei refuse to share information about her.

Thus an interesting review regarding One Piece 1088 spoilers. Of course, these leaks only reveal part of the story and cannot explain everything.

However, one thing is certain, like the previous chapters, Eiichiro Oda will surely present very interesting and surprising information for his loyal readers.

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