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One Piece: The First Vinsmokes Are Gorosei!

One Piece: The First Vinsmokes Are Gorosei!

One of the Straw Hat crew members, Sanji Vinsmoke, is thought to be a descendant of one of the Gorosei in the One Piece storyline. 

The Gorosei are still one of the big mysteries in the One Piece story. 

Since it was first introduced until now not much information is known about the officials from the World Government. 

Moreover, Oda Sensei himself has not told their names.

The Gorosei are known to be high-ranking officials in the World Government where they are subordinates of Im. 

As for the name issue, Oda has just revealed one Gorosei name, namely Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. 

He is a Gorosei with white hair and curly hairstyle while carrying a wooden staff. 

Right now, she was heading to Egghead Island with Kizaru. 

What's interesting is the theory that one of the Gorosei is the ancestor of Sanji.

Sanji of the Gorosei Descendants

One Piece: The First Vinsmokes Are Gorosei!

The Gorosei figure referred to as the descendant of Sanji is the youngest with blonde hair. 

A Twitter account with the username bigdannyfr shares the theory that the Gorosei are Sanji's ancestors based on several existing clues. 

First, even though the name of the Gorosei is still mysterious, according to theory the name of the Gorosei is Saint Germain Venus.

The name 'Saint Germain' itself actually comes from Oda Sensei's explanation of the initial design of the Vinsmoke judge. 

According to his explanation, Hakim originally belonged to Sanata Saint Germain. 

Oda also originally had plans to make Judge one of the celestial dragons, before the idea was dropped. 

Judge's interesting initial design is quite similar to that of the Gorosei Saint Germain with a change in hairstyle and face.

Based on this, it means that Sanji is planned to have the lineage of a sky dragon. 

The next clue, Sanji is considered a descendant of an evil kingdom which refers to Germa 66 and Vinsmoke Judge. 

Does it mean that Judge is the only evil Vinsmoke family? 

What if then there was a Judge ancestor who was no less evil?

Furthermore, Germa 66 has the authority or opportunity to be able to attend Reverie. 

In fact, the World Government is very careful to be able to determine which regions or kingdoms can attend the four-year meeting. 

In fact, Germa 66 is a kingdom that can be considered a small job when compared to the others.

Also, how can Sanji's wanted posters change drastically from before the timeskip and also after the timeskip. 

Before the timeskip, Sanji's wanted poster replaced 'Dead of Alive'. 

Meanwhile, after the timeskip poster, Sanji edited 'Only Alive'.

This means that there is a possibility that there is a dominating figure or has an influence that protects Sanji. 

Gorosei Saint Germain knows that Sanji is his descendant even though he is a pirate and part of a group that is a threat to the World Government.

Lord of North Blue

One Piece: The First Vinsmokes Are Gorosei!

So, who exactly is Gorosei Saint Germain Venus or the blonde Gorosei? 

According to the theory, there is a possibility that he is a character created from Oda Sensei's canceled idea. 

Supposedly, the name of the Gorosei was Vinsmoke Judge before it was canceled and changes were made to his character. 

Oda then redeveloped his character to create this blonde Gorosei figure.

There is also a possibility that this blonde Gorosei is related by blood to Vinsmoke Judge, considering he is the ancestor of the Vinsmoke family. 

The Gorosei are a group of mysterious characters where they have aged faces. 

Many fans suspect that they are the same age as Im, which is around 800 years. However, unlike the others, the blonde Gorosei looked young.

This is because in theory it is stated that the blonde Gorosei is not 800 years old like the others. 

The blonde Gorosei was probably 300 years old. 

Why only 300 years? Because, around 300 years ago the Vinsmoke family first conquered North Blue and then founded the Germa empire. 

What's interesting is that about 66 days after it was founded, the Germa empire then fell apart or collapsed.

What then became the reason the kingdom collapsed? 

According to this theory, the first Vinsmoke, Saint Germain, was invited to become the Gorosei so he would then destroy the kingdom he had built. 

If so, then this could be an explanation for why this Gorosei looks so much younger than the other Gorosei.

This also might explain why his scars aren't as numerous or as large as the other Gorosei's. 

Because, Saint Germain was not involved in the epic battle that took place 800 years ago. 

He had only been involved in the battle that took place 300 years ago while conquering the North Blue region. 

Apart from having an effect on Sanji, this might also have an effect on Judge.

What does it mean? 

With Saint Germain being the first Vinsmoke and part of the Gorosei explains why he was never punished for what he did with the MADS group. 

He can also change Sanji's bounty and allow the Germa 66 kingdom to participate in Reverie moments.

What Does It Mean To Sanji

One Piece: The First Vinsmokes Are Gorosei!

At the end of One Piece's story, there is a possibility that Sanji will fully know his lineage and his family. 

Sanji is also thought to be facing off against the blonde Gorosei, who is considered to be his ancestor. 

Although there is a possibility that Sanji's power, namely the Jambe technique, comes from Judge's genetic engineering, there is also a possibility that the power comes from his ancestor.

Saint Germain is considered successful in conquering North Blue based on his demonic desires. 

He also uses the power of "Roi Jambe" which in French means "leg of the king".

Even so, in the final battle, Sanji will likely prove that he is different from the other Vinsmoke families. 

He didn't inherit the devilish will of the Vinsmoke family but the kindness of his mother, Sora.

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