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4 Potential Cross Guild Opponents in One Piece!

4 Potential Cross Guild Opponents in One Piece!

Even though Cross Guild has just appeared, it has been in the spotlight of many parties with their real threat and there are several parties who could be their potential opponents. 

Since the first time the Cross Guild group appeared, it had deliberately wanted to get the attention of many parties. 

Moreover, as is known in the story, this popularity is needed to cover up their true intentions and goals.

As shown in chapter 1082 yesterday, it is known that Crocodile deliberately used Cross Guild to build his dream country, Utopia. 

Even so, their increasing popularity means that they must also be prepared for other threats. 

The following is a list of potential opponents from the Cross Guild group.


4 Potential Cross Guild Opponents in One Piece!

The first candidate for Cross Guild's opponent is the Yonko. 

They are the pirates who are considered the strongest in the world of One Piece and also the pirates closest to Laugh Tale and the title of pirate king. 

Why then did the Yonko become one of the potential opponents of Cross Guild? 

Because, like it or not, they will eventually have to meet the Yonko.

Moreover, they are currently in New World, which means their chances of meeting and fighting the Yonko are very wide. 

On the other hand, Mihawk himself already suspected that they would face Luffy, Blackbeard, and Shanks with Cross Guild getting more and more popular and Buggy also trying to get One Piece. 

Of course it's interesting to see the Cross Guild battle against the Yonko.

Revolutionary Army

4 Potential Cross Guild Opponents in One Piece!

What then became the reason why the Revolutionary Army became a threat to the Cross Guild? As mentioned above, Crocodile is trying to create his dream country called Utopia. 

What is noteworthy is that Crocodile wants Utopia to become a strong country with a large and powerful military force. 

This then became the reason Crocodile and Mihawk needed more strength.

This would certainly be on the Revolutionary Army's radar, considering they would see what Crocodile had built or dreamed up as a serious threat. 

The huge military might and how Crocodile didn't want any other country to threaten Utopia was no different from the World Government. 

If that is so, it means that it is only natural that the Revolutionary Army will not remain silent.

World Government

4 Potential Cross Guild Opponents in One Piece!

For now, the threat from the World Government is not too real. 

The reason is, they may still think that Cross Guild is not a real threat or a party that endangers them. 

This is of course different from various other parties who indeed the World Government itself admits they are a threat, for example Luffy, the Straw Hat crew, the Revolutionary Army, and so on. 

But then again, the dream of forming a Utopia out of Crocodile could be what made the World Government finally step in against the Cross Guild group.


4 Potential Cross Guild Opponents in One Piece!

This is the main enemy of the Cross Guild. Marines were the target of this group from the start. This can be seen how their group has a bounty or bounty for the marines. 

Of course, this is something terrible, considering that pirates are usually the targets of the marine. 

And in chapter 1082 this has started to be proven.

One of the marine officers, T-Bone, finally became the first victim of a bounty issued by Cross Guild. 

In that chapter also vice admirals Tsuru and Sengoku stated that the threat from the Cross Guild group had begun to become evident with the death of T-Bone. 

For now, their battle hasn't happened yet but it might happen in the near future.

Cross Guild presents a new threat to the world of One Piece. 

This means they also have to be prepared to face other opponents that might confront them. 

Some of the opponents mentioned above are parties who do have great potential to become potential opponents of Cross Guild. 

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