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One Piece: Reasons Why Garp Often Helps Koby, but Rarely Helps Luffy

Despite being Luffy's grandfather, Garp rarely helps him in One Piece. There are even moments like in chapter 907, where Garp just laughed when he heard that Kaido and Big Mom were targeting Luffy. 

Garp also did not help when Luffy was involved in conflicts in Whole Cake Island and Wano.

But when Koby was captured, Garp immediately moved with a number of SWORD members to rescue him. 

He even dared to directly attack Hachinosu Island, which is currently the headquarters of one of the Yonko groups, Blackbeard.

Luffy is a pirate, while Garp is in the Navy...

Luffy has chosen the path of a pirate.

Meanwhile, Garp is still on the side of the Navy. Garp may sometimes act on his own, but so far he has been loyal to the Navy.

Garp's situation in the Navy also seems to be one of the reasons why he did not help Ace much in Marineford, even though he clearly cared about Ace.

Moreover, Luffy is not an ordinary pirate. 

He is now one of the most famous pirates, with various actions that have made the Navy and the World Government dizzy.

This could be the main reason why Garp rarely helps Luffy. Garp could get into trouble if he helps Luffy.

For Garp, Koby seems special

From his statement at the end of chapter 1080, Garp sees Koby as the future of the Navy.

Garp also sees Koby as an irreplaceable disciple.

So, Garp seems to feel that Koby is special.

However, Koby himself is confused why Garp would come to Hachinosu Island for him.


Garp's responsibility as a member of the Navy and Luffy's status as a pirate may hinder him from helping Luffy, even though Luffy is his own grandson.

We have previously seen that Garp could not help Ace much in Marineford even though he cared deeply for him. 

That seems to be because Garp is in the Navy and Ace is a pirate.

Meanwhile, Koby is in the Navy. Not only that, Garp also sees Koby as the future of the Navy, and Koby is his disciple.

So, Garp does feel that Koby is special, and helping Koby clearly does not violate Garp's responsibility as a member of the Navy.

What do you think? Why does Garp help Koby but rarely helps Luffy?

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