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One Piece 1082 Spoiler: Reveals Why Crocodile Aiming Pluton

Chapter 1082 of the One Piece manga might finally provide an answer to the big question about the reason why Crocodile is after one of the Ancient Weapons, namely Pluton. 

Crocodile's name disappeared after being defeated by Luffy in the Alabasta arc. 

However, he later reappeared in the story when Luffy broke into the Impel Down prison to save Ace.

Crocodile then cooperates temporarily with Luffy to be free from Impel Down and then defeats the navy. After the Battle of Marineford, Crocodile disappeared again before reappearing with Daz Bones in the cover story. 

And what is surprising, of course, is that he later formed a marine hunter organization, the Cross Guild.

Long Aim for Pluton

If geeks remember, Crocodile is a character who has been eyeing one of the Ancient Weapons in the One Piece story, Pluton, for a long time. In fact, it was through Crocodile that fans got to know the concept of Ancient Weapons for the first time. 

It is known that in the Alabasta arc it was shown that Crocodile deliberately came and invaded the country to find Pluton.

He then formed Baroque Works to search for these Ancient Weapons and try to spread terror there. After long enough to make the people of Alabasta suffer, in the end he was defeated by Luffy. 

The fact was later revealed that Pluton was not in the Alabasta region. In the Wano arc it is known that Pluton is actually in that country and activating Pluton means opening the borders of that region.

For now, all the riddles about Pluton are still completely unanswered. 

Aside from Pluton itself, what remains a mystery until now is what Crocodile will do with one of these Ancient Weapons. 

Oda Sensei himself has not provided any information about what Crocodile will do with the Ancient Weapon. What is certain is that he has been eyeing Pluton for a long time.

Why Crocodile Aiming  Pluton

After being a puzzle for so long, Eiichiro Oda might finally provide an answer to that question in chapter 1082 yesterday. 

In that chapter, we are again shown the moment that happened outside Egghead Island. 

Specifically, we look back at what happened to the Cross Guild pirate hunting party where they managed to get their first victim, namely captain T-Bone.

Then, in this chapter there is a moment where Crocodile reveals his biggest dream which is also the reason why he later formed that organization or group. 

Crocodile said that he wanted to build a country called 'Utopia.' The country would have a very large military power.

The goal is that the country cannot be shaken or threatened by other countries. Dracule Mihawk himself then suggested that in order to form a Utopia like Crocodile wanted, they needed more power. 

It could be that this is a clue that Oda has presented regarding the reason why Crocodile is after Pluton.

There are several interesting things that emerge from this. First, Crocodile wanted to build a strong military nation. 

With Pluton, who is known to have the awesomeness of being able to destroy an island in one strike, it seems that no one will dare to attack or threaten the country. 

Besides having a tremendous number of troops, Pluton could be the country's secret weapon.

Second, Crocodile could be deliberately looking for Pluton's whereabouts to challenge the World Government and take over all the countries under its affiliation. 

That way, these countries will then turn into part of a very large and vast Utopia. In essence, Pluton is the main reason why Crocodile later wanted to build Utopia.

Team Up With Luffy

Talking about the possibility of Crocodile's attempt to destroy the World Government opens speculation about the possibility of a re-established collaboration between Luffy and Crocodile. 

As mentioned above, Crocodile had teamed up with Luffy in the peak battle at Marineford before they split again.

The two of them may work together again in the future. 

Why? Because, both of them are facing the same enemy which is none other than the World Government. 

Luffy wants to destroy the World Government because it has brought suffering to many people. 

He also seems to have been "destined" to bring big changes to the world.

On the other hand, Crocodile wants to form his dream country, namely Utopia, which might be hindered by the presence of the World Government. 

That is, Crocodile needs to get rid of the World Government to create a Utopia. Even though Crocodile and Luffy are on different sides – Cross Guild is part of Buggy – however, the World Government is their common enemy which makes Luffy and Crocodile's collaboration possible again.



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