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5 Things That Can Make Boruto Part 2 Better Than Before

5 Things That Can Make Boruto Part 2 Better Than Before

After the conclusion of Naruto Shippuden, we were introduced to a spin-off titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

After airing for almost six years, the anime has concluded its first part in early 2023. 

It is confirmed that the anime will continue with a second part, although its release date is still unknown.

Despite the confirmation of Boruto continuing to Part 2, the first part received much criticism from the audience, especially from Naruto anime fans. 

Some even requested for its cancellation due to its poor quality. 

This has led people to hope for improvements in the upcoming Part 2.

Here are a few things that could be improved in Boruto Part 2:

1. Use a seasonal release format

5 Things That Can Make Boruto Part 2 Better Than Before

One of the biggest problems with Boruto anime is its lack of using a seasonal release format. 

This means that episodes were released every week for six years since its premiere in 2017, with little to no breaks for production. 

This is different from other anime that use a seasonal release format, which allows for a six-month break to produce new storylines and episodes.

This release format also doesn't align with the manga's release schedule, which only releases a new chapter once a month. 

As a result, the anime creators had to produce filler episodes every week while waiting for the new manga arc to continue. 

This led to a low-quality Boruto Part 1 with more filler episodes than important canon episodes.

One way to improve Part 2 is to change the release format to a seasonal format. 

This way, the anime's story can wait for the manga's canon storyline, and there is no need for the production of unnecessary filler episodes.

2. Stop nerfing original anime characters

5 Things That Can Make Boruto Part 2 Better Than Before

One of the reasons why Naruto fans watched Boruto at the beginning was the presence of original anime characters who had grown up. 

These include Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and many more. 

Fans wanted to see the development of these original characters, who should have become more mature in terms of personality and strength.

However, Naruto fans were disappointed because the original anime characters were made weaker in Boruto. 

The biggest example is Naruto, who no longer has the Kurama power, and Sasuke, who lost his Rinnegan eyes. 

Meanwhile, Konohamaru, the captain of Team 7, seemed powerless compared to his students.

The reason why the original anime characters were made weaker is likely to make Boruto, the main character, appear stronger. 

However, there are many other ways to make Boruto look strong without compromising the original characterizations. 

This is a problem that needs to be fixed in the upcoming Part 2.

3. Fill in filler episodes with arcs about the original anime characters

5 Things That Can Make Boruto Part 2 Better Than Before

If the second part of the Boruto anime still can't use the per-season format, of course this anime is still forced to present filler episodes. 

However, there are still ways that can make the quality of the filler episodes higher and might attract fans of the original Naruto anime.

Instead of presenting an unnecessary filler arc such as the Shukaku kidnapping which was later ignored, it is better to present a more interesting arc about the original anime character. 

An example is the Sasuke Retsuden arc which was used as a filler some time ago. 

Even though it is a flashback and is set before the Boruto anime, this filler arc has succeeded in luring fans of the original anime back.

This indicates that Naruto anime fans are still interested in watching Boruto if there is an arc related to the original anime character. 

So, if forced to present filler episodes, it's better if the story focuses on the arc of one of the original anime characters, such as Shikamaru, Konohamaru, and others, even if it's just a flashback story.

4. Maintain the quality of the animation

5 Things That Can Make Boruto Part 2 Better Than Before

The animation quality of an anime isn't always consistent, because sometimes it also involves a different animation studio in each episode. 

Some only involve top animation studios in order to present the best quality animation only for important episodes or during big battle moments. 

One anime whose animation quality is inconsistent is Boruto.

However, the change in animation quality in this anime episode is quite uneven, especially during the filler episodes. 

Some of the moments in this anime filler episode even feel like a low quality series because of the bad animation.

The existence of episodes with poor animation quality certainly eliminates interest in watching, even if they are filler episodes. 

Hence, the quality of the animation in the second part must be more consistent in order to maintain people's interest in watching.

5. Present various villains more often and make the audience empathic

5 Things That Can Make Boruto Part 2 Better Than Before

Whether you realize it or not, the canon villains from the Boruto anime from the beginning until now generally come from or are at least related to the Otsutsuki clan. 

In fact, Kara's group as well as Eida's still have a very close connection with the Otsutsuki clan. 

This is of course different from the Naruto anime which has villains with far more varied backgrounds.

Apart from that, of all the villains related to the Otsutsuki clan, none of them have succeeded in making the audience empathize with them. 

In fact, in the original anime, there are many villains who have succeeded in making the audience empathize, such as Zabuza, Itachi, and even Pain.

This villain's background problem also needs to be fixed in the second part later. 

You see, the characterization of the antagonist is very important to make the storyline of shonen anime interesting for the audience.

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