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One Piece 1080 Spoilers: Robin and Chopper Find Stella in the Dungeon

The latest One Piece 1080 manga spoiler says that Robin and Chopper found Stella in the basement

In the previous chapter of the One Piece manga, Captain Kid lay helpless after fighting Shanks in Elbaf.

The One Piece 1080 manga is predicted to continue the story of the fight that took place on Engghead Island.

The manga One Piece 1080 will also tell the fate of the pirate Kid who lost against Shanks.

Quoting the Reddit forum, it was said that Shanks had left Elbaf and went to see Barto's bounty.

This indicates that Shanks will target Captain Barto as his next target.

Kid and Killer's pirate crew see their rout up and a mysterious figure coming towards him.

On Egghead Island, a huge snake appeared where Sharks used its power to turn Nami and Sanji into stone snakes and Sharks decided to hunt the other members.

Robin, Chopper and Atlas make it to the basement and find Stella but her magnetic boots activate and jam her.

Zoro and Jinbei were trapped on the ground along with Stussy. Stussy used Kami-e to flex her leg and jumped out of the boot.

BB ships came and attacked the refugee boats.

Luffy whose boots are broken unaffected by the magnetic switch, still fighting Bear and annoyed that he won't take any damage from gear 5 attacks.

The One Piece 1080 story ends with Kari being attacked by Sharks using fishman karate, because caribou are swamp humans made of water and can be fought by fishman karate without sea prisms or haki.

There were two figures emerging from the swamp, namely Carrot and Xdrake.

How about the next story? We are waiting for the continuation of One Piece 1080 which will be released on April 9.

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