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One Piece: Usopp is the True God?

One Piece: Usopp is the True God?

Is the nickname God Usopp actually a manifestation of Usopp as a true god? 

Is this a hint from Oda Sensei that Usopp will become a strong figure in the future? 

Although part of the Straw Hat crew, Usopp is one of the characters who is considered quite underrated or less highlighted.

This is understandable considering Usopp is one of the weakest three characters in the crew, along with Nami and Chopper. 

Usopp is also rarely shown fighting in the story. 

Despite this, many fans believe that in the future, Usopp will become a strong figure. 


Because Usopp is considered a manifestation of a godly figure.

Physical Appearance

One Piece: Usopp is the True God?

In the world of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda is known for often presenting unique character designs and physical appearances. 

One of them is Usopp. Actually, at first glance, there is nothing strange about Usopp's body or physical appearance. 

He looks like an ordinary human being.

However, if you observe closely, Usopp is shown to have a nose size that is much longer than normal. 

Although Oda may have presented Usopp's long nose design as one of the comedic elements in the story, some fans believe that it is not just a comedic element. 

Usopp's long nose is considered to be a very important symbol.

In his theory, it is stated that Usopp's nose is very similar to the figure of Tengu. 

He is a mythological creature in Shinto belief in Japan. For the Japanese people, Tengu is believed to be one of the types of Yokai (supernatural creatures) and also one of the Shinto gods. 

Oda Sensei himself often presents references to Shinto beliefs in the One Piece story.

Based on this, the theory believes that Usopp's appearance, which is similar to the figure of Tengu, is deliberately presented by Oda. 

The goal is to provide a hint about the godly level of Usopp's strength or to embody Usopp as a "god". 

One thing that makes the most sense about Usopp's godly ability is how he is likely to become a "god" in his accuracy shooting ability.

Lie or Prophecy

One Piece: Usopp is the True God?

In the early One Piece story, Usopp is known as a character who often boasts or lies. 

In fact, Usopp is considered a big liar in the Syrup Village where he lives. He often lies about pirate attacks coming to their village. 

Usopp also often lies about himself being an important figure in the pirate group and his strength.

However, what is interesting is how Oda Sensei later shows that one by one of the lies that Usopp presented actually became true. 

For example, he once lied about going to a country or region where all the residents were dwarves. 

And in the Dressrosa arc, this turned out to be true where Usopp went to the Tontatta kingdom where the residents were indeed dwarves.

Fans then come up with other speculations about this, assuming that actually, without realizing it, Usopp was not really lying. 

He was actually predicting what would happen in the future to himself. 

For this reason, fans think that Usopp, who is considered God Usopp by the dwarves and the Navy, might actually be a "godly" figure. 

It is possible that he is able to predict what will happen next, but Usopp is not aware of his ability.

So God of Snipers

One Piece: Usopp is the True God?

Of the many lies that Usopp has told other people, one of them is that he once mentioned that he would become a god or a sniper king. 

Usopp himself actually does have the ability as a sniper. 

Since in Syrupp village, Usopp's ability to shoot accurately is no longer in doubt. In fact, he once proved it to others.

This is actually reasonable considering that Usopp is the son of Yasopp. 

Yasopp is the number one sniper in the world of One Piece today who is part of the Red Hair pirate crew. 

There is still no one who can match Yasopp's shooting ability. 

Even so, at this time, Usopp himself is slowly starting to be able to improve his shooting skills.

In the present, the two best snipers in the world of One Piece are Usopp and Van Augur from the Blackbeard group. 

However, Usopp is likely far superior considering he has Observation Haki which awakens by accident. 

It is believed that Hakl's ability will continue to increase drastically as the story progresses. 

And at its peak, he will become a god of snipers in the world of One Piece, replacing his father.

This will likely be realized when Usopp and the Straw Hats go to Elbaf Island. 

Currently, the Straw Hats are on Egghead Island. 

And it was the Kid's pirate crew that went to Elbaf. 

Even so, it's not impossible if the Straw Hat crew really will go to this island of giants.


Elbaf Island is believed to be a moment for Usopp to develop, both in character and ability. 

As you know, each arc seems to be a shining moment for one of the Straw Hat crew. 

For example, the Whole Cake Island arc, which was a moment for Sanji and Wano, became a moment for Zoro. 

Elbaf was Usopp's moment to shine.

The closeness between Usopp and the giants will be an important factor in how he will increase his courage as a pirate. 

And what is clear is that Usopp may be trained on how to become an extraordinary sniper, where this will be the first moment of his awakening as a sniper god in the One Piece story.

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