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Which Anime Character Doesn't Work Against Decay Tomura?

In My Hero Academia, Decay is one of the most terrifying Quirks. 

Tomura Shigaraki is a character who has a Quirk. 

This quirk allows the user to destroy anything it touches. After his awakening, this Quirk's reach expanded so that it was strong enough to destroy a city.

Decay is indeed a terrible force. 

Even so, there are several characters that do not work against Decay. Want to know who the characters are? Check out the following information:

1. Shota Aizawa (My Hero Academia)

Still from the same universe, Shota Aizawa or Eraser Head is a Pro Hero as well as homeroom teacher for class 1-A of Yuei High School. 

Aizawa has Quirk Erasure which allows him to erase other people's Quirk abilities. As long as he stared at his target, one would not be able to use his Quirk.

The series has repeatedly shown that Aizawa's Quirk is Shigaraki's weakness. First, while at USJ, Shigaraki failed to kill Tsuyu Asui because of Erasure. 

Then, during the war between Pro Hero and Paranormal Liberation Front, Shigaraki had a hard time because his Decay was deactivated by Aizawa.

2. Baraggan Louisenbairn (Bleach)

A Segunda Espada, Baraggan Louisenbairn actually has abilities that are not much different from Shigaraki's Decay. 

It's just that, the way it works is slightly different and the results are much more effective.

Baraggan has the ability to make everything around him age so quickly that they die and turn to dust. 

Unlike Decay, Barragan does not require physical contact to activate his powers.

Considering that Decay only works when Shigaraki hits his target, Decay won't work on Baraggan. Due to Baraggan's ability, Shigaraki will die before he can touch Baraggan.

3. Ryuk (Death Note)

As the God of Death or Shinigami, Ryuk actually has a simple ability. Ryuk can see a person's name and remaining lifespan and has the ability to take someone's life with a book known as the Death Note.

At first glance, Ryuk's abilities don't sound like Decay's natural counter.

 However, the thing that makes Ryuk ineffective against Decay is his status as a Shinigami. Ryuk cannot be physically touched and is invulnerable to all human weapons, such as blades or blades.

Decay won't work for Ryuk because Shigaraki won't be able to touch Ryuk. 

While Shigaraki has a hard time trying to touch Ryuk, Ryuk can easily defeat Shigaraki just by writing his name in the Death Note.

4. Fushi (To Your Enternity)


In appearance, Fushi does look like an ordinary human. However, he is actually an immortal being created by The Beholder to preserve the world. 

Unlike Ryuk, Fushi can indeed be touched physically.

However, Fushi still has the ability to fight Decay. Fushi is an immortal being who has an extraordinary ability to regenerate. He can recover from all injuries very quickly. 

With its regeneration ability, Decay will be useless if used on Fushi.

5.Marco (One Piece)

Marco is the former First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. 

Marco became Whitebeard's powerful right-hand man because he ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix. This Devil Fruit allows Marco to transform into a Phoenix.

There are two things that make Marco not work against Decay. First, Phoenix Marco's body was made of blue flames so he couldn't be touched. 

Second, even if Shigaraki could touch Marco, it would still be useless because Phoenix's ability is super fast regeneration.

It must be admitted that Decay is a terrible force. With one touch, Shigaraki can instantly kill his enemy. Even so, the five characters above have a way to fight Decay with their abilities.

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