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One Piece 1074 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Past Finally Revealed!

One Piece 1074 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Past Finally Revealed!

One Piece chapter 1074 spoiler presents an epic battle moment as well as a flashback story from the figure of Bartholomew Kuma. 

As shown in chapter 1073 yesterday, Stussy seems to have succeeded in defeating Rob Lucci by using the sea stone in the shape of a lipstick that he has. 

We also see how the other Straw Hat crew along with the Vegapunk satellite try to escape from the Seraphim's pursuit.

Elsewhere, Marco is seen returning to the Sphinx island and we see an epic moment where Edward Weevil manages to beat up a group of marines who are trying to seize Whitebeard's treasure. 

However, Weevil had to lose when he faced admiral Ryokugyu aka Green Bull. 

And at the end of the chapter, facts are revealed about the name of one of the Gorosei, namely Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

One Piece 1074 Spoilers

One Piece 1074 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Past Finally Revealed!

Then, what happened in chapter 1074? According to the leaks, the chapter will be titled 'Mark 3.' 

Apparently, the title refers to the 50 Pacifista troops used by Sentomaru to help the Straw Hats escape from the island. 

On the other hand, this Pacifista was also deployed to be able to help them face the Seraphim.

Some of the other Pacifista were deployed to attack various ships coming to Egghead Island. 

Luffy and Zoro decide to stay where they are. 

Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats split up to find Bonney and Vegapunk. 

What's interesting and funny is that Zoro said that he wanted to help find Vegapunk and Bonney, but the others immediately rejected the idea.

They reasoned that they didn't want Zoro to get lost while trying to find Vegapunk and Bonney. 

The story then shifts where the chapter shows how Bonney is in a world. 

This world is the memory of Bartholomew Kuma. It seems that young Kuma is being tormented by other people. 

What's interesting is that we finally know what happened to Vivi.

In chapter 1074 it is shown how Vivi is with Morgans and also Wapol. 

Morgans then plans to present an article or news story that tells how Luffy "kidnapped" Vegapunk. 

There is no information if next week is a holiday or pause, meaning that chapter 1075 will be released as scheduled, namely on the upcoming 18 February 2023 with leaked information that appeared a few days earlier.


One Piece 1074 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Past Finally Revealed!

This chapter shows how the situation on Egghead Island is getting chaotic. 

They seem ready to go to war and are willing to do whatever it takes to get out of there. 

However, it seems that this will not be easy considering that there are other troops from the World Government and the navy who are ready to confront it. 

What's also interesting is how Sentomaru fielded a Pacifista.

A total of 50 Pacifista were deployed to help the Straw Hats escape from Egghead Island, which is a different Pacifista from what we know. 

The type of Pacifista that is deployed is Mark 3 which means that it may have a higher power level than the previous type, such as PX-0. 

Lastly, what is also eye-catching is how we finally see Kuma's past.

When Bonney entered Kuma's memory, it seemed that little Kuma was being tormented by someone. 

This is of course interesting because Kuma, who many people know, is the evil and tyrant Kuma. 

However, how and why then Kuma could turn into that figure is still a big question. 

What's more, the fact was revealed that little Kuma was actually being bullied and tormented. 

Is this what makes Kuma such a terrible person?

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