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9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Even though many characters use firearms or swords in battles in the world of One Piece, there are also characters who rely on martial arts to face their opponents. 

The world of pirates in One Piece is a world that is cruel, harsh, and very competitive. 

In order to become a successful pirate, one must have as much and as much power as possible.

Throughout the story itself we often see how the characters usually use cannons, guns, arrows, swords, or devil fruit abilities in a fight or battle. 

However, what is often forgotten is that there are also those who do it with their bare hands. 

The following are various types of martial arts in the One Piece story.

1. Boxing

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Although the long leg tribe is quite an interesting tribe, the long arm tribe is no less interesting and deadly. They are also able to prove as a formidable fighter. 

One of the characters from the long-arm tribe who is able to use the power of his punches to produce deadly attacks is Ideo "The Wrecking Cannon."

Ideo is known to have mastered a special form of boxing martial arts by utilizing his long arms. 

Ideo also utilizes other body parts to produce a powerful punch that can destroy the opponent or his surroundings. 

The technique used by Ideo is referred to as "Hakai Ho."

2. Hasshoken

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

The figure of Don Chinjao is famous for his powerful physical abilities. 

He is known to be able to destroy ice with his head, when fire or other objects cannot destroy the ice. 

This epic power is the reason why Don Chinjao is one of Garp's eternal rivals. 

His strength is then passed on to his grandson, Sai. This extraordinary martial technique is called Hasshoken.

By using the Hasshoken technique, the user can control the vibrations around their attack and then use it to create an attack that can destroy the enemy. 

This Hasshoken attack cannot be blocked by any shield or barrier. 

Sai had used it in a tournament at the Corrida Colosseum, he was no less terrible than his grandfather.

3. Jao Kun Do

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

The long-legged tribe in One Piece has advantages from a biological point of view, especially when they have to fight. 

Born with very long legs, they have advantages especially in terms of running, jumping, or even reaching for the top edge of an object. 

The most epic of course they have extraordinary kicking abilities.

This kick ability proves to be very useful in a fight, as shown in the Corrida Colosseum. 

In that tournament, we are shown a character named Blue Gilly, who is one of the tribe with long legs and is an expert in Jao Kun Do martial arts. 

Blue Gilly proves to be very ferocious in the fight and can destroy enemy defenses with ease.

4. Black Leg Style

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Apart from the Jao Kun Do technique, another style of martial arts that utilizes the legs in a fight is the Black Leg Style. 

Although known as a chef and lover of women, Sanji is also known as a great fighter. 

He even becomes one of the monster trio in the Straw Hat crew. 

What characterizes Sanji's fighting style is that he uses his feet more often than his hands.

Sanji himself uses the Black Leg Style martial arts technique, a style of martial arts inspired by his mentor, Zeff. 

By using this technique, Sanji is able to perform a variety of powerful and varied kicks. 

Sanji himself once said why he uses this technique in battle. 

According to him, his hands are only devoted to cooking. He didn't want to get his hands dirty fighting.

5. Sumo

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Sentomaru is Vegapunk's personal bodyguard and as a guardian of an important figure, he definitely has the martial skills to deal with the various powerful enemies that appear. 

Interestingly, the martial art that Sentomaru mastered was Sumo which is a traditional Japanese wrestling. 

Sentomaru had practiced this ability - which was also coated with Haki - to Luffy before the timeskip.

In this battle, it was proven that Luffy was able to be defeated easily. 

What's interesting is that Sentomaru is the only character capable of using Sumo as a type of martial arts. 

In yesterday's Wano arc, we saw that there are many sumo wrestlers in the country. 

However, like other sumo wrestlers in general, they only use sumo techniques in competitions or matches.

6. Wrestling

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Apart from sumo, another popular martial art that also appears in the One Piece story is wrestling. 

Jesus Burgess is a character who uses this martial art in a fight. 

Burgess himself was one of the pirates who decided to join Blackbeard's group. 

The captain of the Blackbeard pirate group is known to have extraordinary physical strength.

On several occasions, Burgess was shown using the wrestling techniques he mastered such as locks and slams. 

Burgess can even do a very hard elbow blow, so that it hits his enemy from a distance. 

Burgess' strength also increases dramatically after he has the devil fruit power Riki Riki, where he is even able to lift a hill with his bare hands.

7. Fish-Man Karate

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Being a fishman has its advantages, especially in terms of physical advantage. 

It is known that the physique of a fishman is much stronger than that of an ordinary human. 

In addition to physical strength, fishmen are known to have an exclusive style of martial arts called Fish-Man Karate. 

Jinbei is one of the characters who uses this type of martial arts.

What's special about this technique, even though the technique will be much deadlier when in water, this karate ability is no less deadly on land. 

This was proven in the Wano arc, where Jinbei managed to easily defeat Kaido's men using this technique. 

In fact, Jinbe managed to beat Who's Who, who is one of the Flying Six. 

This karate technique can also control water, where Jinbei will draw water and flow it towards the enemy.

8. Ryusoken

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Apart from Sabo who finally managed to get the Mera Mera devil fruit at the end of the Dressrosa arc, Sabo actually mastered a powerful dragon-themed martial technique, Ryusoken. 

By using the Ryusoken technique, Sabo can control and master enormous energy to then flow and use in attacking or defending opponents.

The Ryusoken technique was first taught by Monkey D. Dragon, leader of the Revolutionary Army. 

And this Ryusoken technique proved to make Sabo a strong figure in the Revolutionary Army, making him the representative of Dragon. 

The Ryusoken technique was also able to make Sabo easily destroy the Bastille vice admiral and his men in the Corrida Colosseum.

9. Rokushiki

9 Types of Martial Art in One Piece Anime Stories!

Rokushiki is the first martial skill introduced in the One Piece story and is the most popular. 

This technique is used by almost all navies and various organizations under the auspices of the World Government. 

Rokushiki itself is a combination of six fighting styles where each fighting style gives the user "superhuman" abilities.

An example is the Tekkai technique, which makes the user's body hard. Or Ranyaku who can destroy objects in front of him. 

This is a martial technique that makes Cipher Pol agents and marines difficult to beat. 

Koby, Helmeppo, and Rob Lucci are some real examples of the powerful users of the Rokushiki technique in One Piece.

Even though Eiichiro Oda presents many characters who use Haki or devil fruits and other weapons in battle, not a few characters use the strength of their bare hands. 

These characters usually master a style of martial arts that makes it difficult for enemies to beat them. 

And above are some examples of martial arts styles in the One Piece story.

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