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One Piece: Mihawk Was Aware of Conqueror Haki Zoro For a Long Time?

One Piece: Mihawk Was Aware of Conqueror Haki Zoro For a Long Time?

Dracule Mihawk might have known the great potential of Roronoa Zoro's Conqueror Haki since their fight at the beginning of the One Piece series. 

This could be the reason why Zoro gets respect or respect from Mihawk. 

As is known, only a few people can use Ruler Haki or Conqueror Haki.

That is the reason why Conqueror Haki is the most rare type of Haki possessed by people. 

What's interesting is that Roronoa Zoro is also one of the characters that has this type of Haki. 

And it turns out, there is one person who has known Zoro's potential for a long time, namely Dracule Mihawk.

Mihawk Knew A Long Time

One Piece: Mihawk Was Aware of Conqueror Haki Zoro For a Long Time?

In chapter 1010 of the manga series One Piece yesterday, we finally saw something very important about Zoro, namely that he actually has the ability of Conqueror Haki. 

This is based on the fact that Zoro is able to injure Kaido's body. 

In fact, Kaido himself said that Zoro had Conqueror Haki which made the Yonko very surprised.

How Zoro possesses Conqueror Haki has long been predicted by fans. 

This is based on various clues that Oda Sensei presents in his story. 

For example, Zoro is often seen as a parallel to Rayleigh. Zoro is Luffy's right hand man who has nearly the same strength as Luffy. 

Meanwhile Rayleigh is Roger's right-hand man and is a user of Conqueror Haki.

However, actually the hint that Zoro has Conqueror Haki has appeared a long time ago and the first person who realized it was Dracule Mihawk. 

In their fight in the Baratie arc, Zoro really put all his strength into defeating Mihawk. 

He is someone Zoro really wants to beat. However, in fact, Zoro was unable to do much.

Mihawk himself realized one thing from Zoro, namely his Haki ability. 

When using the Santoryu technique, Mihawk seems to show a surprised expression. 

It could be that Mihawk was surprised how someone could wield three swords at once. 

However, it is also possible that Mihawk was aware that Zoro had the Haki ability at that time.

How then could Mihawk know if Zoro used Conqueror Haki? 

Because, he is also likely to be a user of this type of Haki. 

That is, as a fellow Conqueror Haki user, it's not surprising that Mihawk realized that power in Zoro. 

This was also shown when Kaido faced Zoro, where the Yonko was surprised by Zoro's aura or ability before releasing the Asura technique.

So Reason Teaches Haki

One Piece: Mihawk Was Aware of Conqueror Haki Zoro For a Long Time?

Dracule Mihawk who realized Zoro's Haki potential could be the main reason why he later wanted to teach the Straw Hats many things, including Haki usage techniques. 

As you know, in the Sabaody arc the Straw Hat crew was thrown to various places. Zoro himself was then thrown to Kuraigana Island, the island that was Mihawk's home.

There, Zoro wanted to leave before he defeated all Humandrill and asked Mihawk to teach him swords. 

After two years of training, it is known that Zoro already has the power of Haki. 

Of course, Mihawk had a reason why he taught or trained Zoro to awaken Haki. 

And it could be that this has something to do with how Mihawk realized Zoro's Haki potential a long time ago.

This is similar to the figure of Rayleigh teaching Luffy various Haki techniques, after he realized that Luffy has powerful Haki abilities. 

However, at that time, Luffy was still unable to control it. 

And that's also what Mihawk might realize, where Zoro's Haki ability still can't be controlled. 

Because of that, he also taught Zoro about Haki as well as various sword techniques.

Mihawk Also Has Conqueror Haki

One Piece: Mihawk Was Aware of Conqueror Haki Zoro For a Long Time?

With Mihawk realizing Zoro's Haki potential, it means that Mihawk also has Haki abilities. 

So far, there has been no confirmation that Mihawk has Haki abilities, although there has been much speculation that mentions this. 

And various additional information – such as the Vivre Card – also provide clues if Mihawk has Haki abilities.

The types of Haki that Mihawk might have are Armament and Observation Haki. 

However, it is also possible if he has Conqueror Haki. 

As mentioned above, it is certainly impossible for Mihawk to realize the potential of Conqueror Haki in Zoro if he himself does not use or possess this power. 

So, it makes sense that Mihawk has this powerful ability.

Until now, fans are still curious about Dracule Mihawk's power level. 

Oda Sensei still shows some of Mihawk's abilities, which means he clearly has a very powerful power that still hasn't appeared in the story.

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