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One Piece: Revealed Why Luffy Turned into an Old Man

One Piece manga 1070 entitled "The Strongest Man".

One Piece chapter 1070 still shows the fight between Luffy and Rob Lucci that took place on Egghead Island.

After that, it was shown that Rob Lucci was able to get back up after receiving an attack from Luffy, but Rob Lucci's rise was not to attack Luffy, but Rob Lucci instead targeted Sentomaru.

Sentomaru who was injured did not want to give up under circumstances, he prepared to withstand the attack from Rob Lucci.

But when Rob Lucci lunged towards Sentomaru, Luffy blocked him in a unique way, Luffy made his head grow big and was about to eat Rob Lucci alive.

But Rob Lucci managed to avoid it, Luffy was only able to eat the chunks of the floor there, but he was able to shoot the chunks back at Rob Lucci like big bullets.

Rob Lucci also hit back the chunks, after that to avoid the impact of Rob Lucci's attack, Luffy jumped back the top where Luffy's back hit a kind of pipe

However, the pipe is affected by the awakening effect of Luffy's devil fruit, so the pipe becomes elastic like rubber.

Luffy also uses the pipe to eject himself, much like a catapult, but before Luffy's body is ejected he creates glasses from steam on his head.

This indicates that Luffy's power of freedom can create objects and that is a great potential that in the future Luffy will definitely develop more, so that he can create useful objects in battle.

Luffy's body that was thrown quickly approached Rob Lucci's body, but Luffy extended his arm and hit Rob Lucci's stomach, so that Rob Lucci's stomach became elastic and Rob Lucci immediately vomited blood.

Meanwhile Chopper and Jimbei who were carrying Jewelry Bonney managed to find a rocket vacuum based on guidance from S-Snack.

Jimbei also praised S-Snack for being kind, S-Snack immediately looked blushing because he received praise from Jimbei.

Not far from there, Sentomaru, who saw Rob Lucci had fallen, asked Luffy to immediately get on the rocket vacuum so he could protect Dr. Vegapunk above.

Chopper also said that Luffy must be fast if he wants to help Atlas, Luffy immediately climbed into the rocket vacuum even though his form has now changed to that of an old man due to the use of Gear 5.

After they finished the rocket vacuum, it was seen that Rob Lucci had risen again and had bandages on his head. 

There Sentomaru was defeated, so that now the control of the 4 Seraphim is completely in the hands of CP0.

Meanwhile in the monitor room Dr. Vegapunk tells some of the Straw Hat Pirates that he will come with them.

It is then shown that Luffy, Jimbei, Chopper and Jewelry Bonney have arrived at the laboratory. 

Jewelry Bonney had regained consciousness and she was furious again looking for Dr Vegapunk.

Then the most interesting part is at the end of the chapter, Admiral Kizaru has approached Egghead Island while carrying a large fleet of Marines.

Admiral Kizaru's face looked serious this time and he said that the Straw Hat Pirates don't think everything will go their way.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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