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One Piece 1071 Full Spoiler: Garp to Hachinosu To Save Coby, Who Is The Mysterious White Mustache?

Here are the full spoilers for One Piece chapter 1071.

The initial panel in the One Piece 1071 spoiler, Bartholomew Kuma flying and crashing into a wall bearing the World Government's symbol in Red Port.

The people around were shocked and shouted Kuma's name, they were wondering where the former Shichibukai had come from.

However, Kuma suddenly woke up, the Marines were mobilized to go to his location and the residents were evacuated.

Then it appears that the One Piece 1071 panel moves to Egghead Island, where all roads and routes are closed by CP0 so that Vegapunk cannot escape.

Rob Lucci ordered that every ship be destroyed, Stussy asked if he would ignore orders from the Marines.

Lucci said that he refused to accept Luffy as a yonkou. Meanwhile the Vegapunks, except for Atlas, were packing their things.

Even the real Vegapunk in One Piece 1071 apologizes to Sentomaru, who he says is very loyal.

One of them said that they still have one 'friend' in Egghead, but Punk 03 protests not to bother them, because later that figure will be chased by the World Government.

However, the real Vegapunk had already contacted the figure in question and unquestioningly asked for his help.

The figure said yes, and it looks like the Den Den Mushi it has has a white mustache with a black head and white underside, is it possible that his real appearance also has a white moustache?

Furthermore, hearing the mysterious figure's agreement, the Vegapunks were happy, and the real one told the Straw Hats to take the seven of them to the Thousand Sunny.

Of course the reactions given by each crew were different, where Usopp protested, Sanji was fine as long as Lilith was around, and Franky welcomed the presence of the genius scientist in the world.

Meanwhile, Bonney looks emotional and searches for the real Vegapunk, with Luffy et al chasing him. The Frontier Dome also appears deactivated, the Vegapunks are confused as to who did this.

They found no one was in the control room, while Lucci thought it was a trap, and they entered the Frontier Dome and saw the Thousand Sunny.

Lucci said they had destroyed every ship below and asked the Straw Hats' ship to be destroyed as well, Kaku took over and took out his Rankyaku technique.

However, Zoro who was sleeping on the ship woke up and immediately opened his sword to block Kaku's attack. The CP0 member was surprised and Zoro looked emotional with someone disturbing his nap.

The Vegapunks have reactivated the Frontier Dome, but realize their delay is due to CP0 agents already targeting the Thousand Sunny.

Zoro is seen fighting with Kaku, while Lilith looks like she wants to join the fight. On the other hand, Luffy and friends finally meet the other crew.

However, Nico Robin realized that the real Vegapunk had disappeared, and was taken by Bonney.

Bonney asked whether the scientist could return Kuma back to normal or not, Vegapunk answered that it was not something he could do, he said there was a reason for it all.

The panel switches to a place in the New World, where the Kid Pirates are shown. Killer awakens his sleeping captain and asks if they are going down to the island.

Kid who heard it said that he didn't order for it, but Killer said that the island in front of them was the home of the giants, Elbaf, and Kid seemed enthusiastic to hear that.

The panel switches again to G-14 Headquarters, where Garp appears and is seen as a troublemaker. Doll looked emotional facing Luffy's grandfather who was about to attack Yonkou, namely Blackbeard, for kidnapping Coby.

Garp calls Helmeppo, and he listens to how his men cry about the fate of Coby who was kidnapped by Blackbeard and can't do anything to help him.

Luffy's grandfather also ordered them to prepare a ship because they were going to Hachinosu, Blackbeard's headquarters, and rescue Coby. His statement was met with tears from Hikari and Helmeppo.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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