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One Piece 1070: Revealed, Turns Out This Is Blackbeard's Way to Use Two Devil Fruits at Once!

The latest chapter in the One Piece manga series provides a big clue as to why Blackbeard is able to possess two devil fruit powers at once.

Of course, the fans have been curious about Blackbeard's story in the past and how he was able to use two devil fruits at the same time.

Blackbeard is the only character in the One Piece series who is able to use two devil fruit powers at once. In fact, normally humans are only capable of having one devil fruit power. 

This clearly makes the fans curious. However, maybe yesterday's chapter 1069 provided clues related to the reason why he can use two devil fruits at once.

Blackbeard's Mystery

So far, Blackbeard is known to have some big mysteries regarding his character. For example, so far Blackbeard never sleeps. 

In fact, in Roger and Whitebeard's fight he was known not to sleep for three days. 

This also made Buggy suspicious and strange about his figure. And a lot of speculation that later emerged among the fans related to this.

Then, during the war at Marineford, Marco stated that there was something strange in Blackbeard's body. 

How Marco himself is unable to explain this, we can conclude that there is something unusual in his body. And for now it's still a mystery. 

What's also interesting is how fans suspect if he has a split personality. 

There is a speculation that has been widely discussed by fans until now. 

It has been speculated that Blackbeard may have had three personalities. 

There is some evidence to support the theory or speculation. An example is the presence of three skulls on the pirate flag, three pistols, and so on.

These three personalities are also considered to be a clue that Blackbeard can have more than one devil fruit power. 

In fact, there is also other speculation that says that Blackbeard is currently eyeing his third devil fruit in order to fulfill the three personalities he has. 

However, until now, Oda still hasn't confirmed anything regarding this.

Blackbeard Stole Other People's Dreams?

Yesterday's Chapter 1069 finally gave answers and explanations about the mystery of the devil fruit that was closed for 25 years. 

Oda finally kept his promise where he will give an explanation about the devil fruit through the figure of a smart professor, who is none other than Vegapunk. 

In his chapter, Vegapunk mentions that the devil fruit is likely the result of evolution from someone's dream.

According to Vegapunk, devil fruit is a manifestation of human desire or someone related to whatever it is. And all the existing devil fruit powers are the real form of that wish or dream. 

This explanation gave birth to a lot of theories among fans. One of the highlights is that Blackbeard probably didn't have dreams. He stole other people's dreams.

As previously mentioned, one of the mysteries or oddities of Blackbeard is how he doesn't sleep. 

In fact, it is said that Blackbeard has never slept at all in his entire life. That means he has no dreams or no dreams at all. 

And in theory, this might be the reason why then Blackbeard can use two Devil Fruits at once or maybe even more.

According to the theory, Blackbeard never dreamed but he stole other people's dreams. 

If we then look at what happened before, this theory may have a point. 

Why? The two devil fruits he has now are obtained by stealing them. 

He stole the Yami Yami no Mi from his partner Thatch when he was still part of Whitebeard's group. 

Meanwhile, he got the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard while at Marineford.

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