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 One Piece 1070 Reddit Spoilers: Luffy's New Power Appears Against Rob Lucci

The newest chapter of One Piece will show the new power of Straw Hat Luffy.

This power appeared when he fought Rob Lucci.
Luffy's new power is the ability to move as fast as a bullet.

Will the ability to move as fast as the Bullets make Luffy able to beat Rob Lucci in Chapter 1070? We can see the following One Piece Chapter 1070 spoilers.

Currently, the Jump Festa 2023 event is being held in Japan.

As before, in that event Oda always provides information regarding what will happen in the next chapter, aka One Piece 1070.

Oda gave a leak to One Piece fans in one of his comic pages in One Piece Chapter 1070.

In the leak, Luffy, who was still in awakening mode, was thrown up when he was fighting Rob Lucci.

Luffy then held on to a large pipe shaped like a slingshot, because he was affected by the awakening of the Straw Hats.

Luffy is currently trying to become a bullet from the large pipe in the shape of a slingshot and trying to throw his body as strong as the speed of the bullet.

The Straw Hat captain was also seen creating a pair of glasses from his white hair, after all the preparations were finished, Luffy launched himself at Rob Lucci at the speed of a bullet.

Rob Lucci, who became the opponent of the Straw hats, was shocked by the pattern of attacks carried out by his opponent.

So that Rob Lucci had to receive an attack from the Straw Hat towards his stomach which caused Rob Lucci pain.

Even his stomach bulges backwards like what Luffy did to Kaido in the Wano battle.

The move that Luffy just showed was named Gomu Gomu no White Rocket.

In the continuation of the comic, we must be made to wait because it is still unknown what happened in the battle after Rob Lucci received an attack from the Straw Hats.

But the attack with the bullet speed technique really made Rob Lucci have to bleed a lot and made Rob Lucci fall to the ground.

In this short clip, there is not a single Seraphim unit helping Rob Lucci to face Luffy.

So it is most likely that the problem with the command of the Seraphim has already been resolved.

Sentomaru allegedly still hasn't completely lost his command after being hit by a deadly attack from Rob Lucci in the previous chapter.

But it could also be that one of Vegapunk's satellites came to the scene of the crime to reclaim Rob Lucci's control over the Seraphim.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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