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 One Piece 1070: The Reason for Akainu's Resignation as Fleet Admiral

Even though One Piece's broadcast schedule falls on December 25, there have been many spoilers circulating among fans.

Spoiler chapter 1070 shows Akainu resigning from being a fleet admiral.

What is the real reason that made Akainu resign?

He currently cannot freely carry out his wishes because Akainu is hampered by the existence of the Gorosei.

The current Gorosei are really starting to take over the performance of the Marines.

This is what causes Akainu to feel limited.

The first is the Gorosei who began to take over the Marine headquarters.

Because the Navy headquarters is adjacent to the Red Line which is also adjacent to Mariejoa.

So like it or not, Akainu's every movement will be limited by the Gorosei.

Akainu felt that he could no longer carry out the duties of a Fleet Admiral in the Marines.

He admits that the World Government really keeps him in check and adds to that his fear of Luffy.

Akainu, who realized how strong Luffy was at this time, felt threatened.

Everyone he sent has failed to catch Luffy.

Even Kizaru, his best friend, is considered to be defeated if he faces Luffy head-on

Akainu is sure that Luffy will be able to destroy the Marines.

Therefore he prefers to resign from the Marine headquarters.

Then who is the figure that will replace Akainu?

Garp is a figure predicted to replace Akainu.

The One Piece 1070 spoiler prediction states that Luffy's grandfather, Monkey. D. Garp will volunteer as a replacement for Akainu in the position of Fleet Admiral later.

Several times offered to become an Admiral, Garp always refused.

However, in the future if the World Government is successfully overthrown, then Garp will have no other choice but to replace Akainu to take control of the Marines.

Garp has always been considered a wise leader who loves the Marines.

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