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6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

In the world of One Piece there are many strange weapons that don't usually appear in the story. 

Even so, these strange weapons are in fact still used and they have and they keep them. 

Even though some of them are effective in a fight, there are also some other weapons that are less effective. 

Apart from that, this gives another uniqueness to the One Piece story.

The One Piece series by Eiichiro Oda is full of unique and creative things. 

All the characters that appear in the story, especially those who want to sail the Grand Line, need to use their creativity and skills to beat each other. 

And one way is to use weapons. 

What's interesting, there are several weapons that are considered strange in this series. Anything?

1. Gorilla Puncher 13

6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

The first strange weapon in the world of One Piece is Foxy's weapon. 

Foxy is the silliest and weakest pirate in the One Piece series. 

This is what makes the fans think he is one of the worst characters in the series. 

Even so, in fact Foxy is quite troublesome for Luffy thanks to the various strange weapons he has. 

One of them is the Gorilla Puncher 13. 

This is a giant robot capable of carrying out devastating punches.

At first glance, the Gorilla Puncher 13 doesn't actually look like a weapon. 

It looks more like a big wall that has some sort of punching game that is usually in the center of the game. 

By design, this weapon is completely ineffective because the position of the bat itself is too high to be able to hit a normal target. 

However, it seems that Foxy deliberately designed this weapon to be used only on his ship.

2. Clima-Tact

6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

Clima Tact is a staff owned by Nami. 

In every fight that Nami does, she always relies on her Clima-Tact to beat the enemy. 

Clima Tact itself has undergone several changes. 

At first glance, the Clima Tact may look like an ordinary iron staff. 

However, Clima Tact is capable of something extraordinary.

An example is issuing black clouds that can explode, then removing clouds that can emit powerful lightning, and so on. 

This is a weapon created and developed by Usopp himself. 

In terms of function, Clima-Tact is actually very powerful. 

However, what many fans find strange is how the design changes and also the ability to control the weather. 

How the control system itself is still a mystery.

3. Jango's Pendulum

6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

Jango is the former vice-captain of Kuro in the Black Cat pirate group.

He is a marine disguised as a pirate. 

Apart from his quirky character designs, Jango also has weapons that are even more weird and quirky than his character designs. 

He is known to have a pendulum-shaped weapon that is very sharp and capable of cutting objects.

Jango hooked him up with a rope, which allowed him to control the pendulum. 

However, what's strange and interesting is that besides using the pendulum as a weapon, Jango also uses it to hypnotize people. 

Even so, the second function of this pendulum is rarely shown to succeed in mastering its target.

4. Wanze's Roller Skates

6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

The next strange weapon in the world of One Piece is Wanze's skates. 

Cipher Pol is an organization or group whose job is espionage, assassination, and various other serious missions. 

They work under the direct supervision of the World Government. 

With this mission, it's only natural that they only accept the best.

However, just like in other organizations there are also characters that are ridiculous and weird like Wanze. 

Wanze is part of CP7 who is also a chef. In terms of character design, Wanze is already considered strange. 

However, what is considered the strangest about Wanze is one of the weapons he uses, namely roller skates. 

Apart from having blades, these skates are capable of presenting fire attacks. 

This seems to add to Wanze's oddity besides being able to make noodles from his nose.

5. Neko No Te

6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

One of the villains that appeared in the One Piece series, during the Syrupp Village arc, Captain Kuro uses a unique weapon in the story. 

In this arc, Luffy meets Usopp. 

And in this arc we are also introduced to Captain Kuro. 

He is the servant of the richest man in Syrupp village, namely Kaya. 

However, he is actually an evil figure.

He is the captain of the Black Cat pirate group. 

Captain Kuro fights with a unique weapon, which is called Neko no te or Cat Claws. 

This weapon is actually a glove with a knife or small sword attached to the fingers. 

This weapon is similar to the arm of Freddy Krueger which is very sharp at the fingertips. 

This weapon is powerful enough to damage Merry's ship and injure Luffy.

6. Sabo's Pipe Gun

6 Weird Weapons in One Piece, One of them is Gorilla Puncher 13

You may be know the figure of Sabo, who is the brother of Ace and Luffy. 

Since childhood, they have been together especially since Garp entrusted Luffy to Dadan. 

Had thought he was dead, it turns out that in fact Sabo is still alive. 

If you have noticed, Sabo always carries an iron pipe stick wherever he goes. 

However, it's very rare that we see Sabo use it.

Visually, there's actually nothing strange about Sabo's pipe weapon. 

In fact, this seems to be the hallmark of his character. 

However, what is considered strange is that with his terrible reputation, Sabo is only armed with an iron pipe. 

And in fact, this weapon is rarely used by Sabo in battle.

With the world of One Piece being so vast, it's only natural that there are many interesting and unique things in the story. 

This also seems to be a characteristic of Eiichiro Oda who always presents strange things which are the main attraction for the One Piece series. 

And the various weapons above are clear examples of this uniqueness and oddity.

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