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 One Piece: The Reason Why Devil Fruits Are Weak Against Water Reveals

One Piece manga readers may still be wondering about the origins of the devil fruit in this manga.

The previous chapter revealed that according to Dr. Vegapunk the researcher, devil fruit is the potential for human evolution that someone hopes for.

Humans will always hope to be able to do something easily or turn into various things that are beyond their ability.

Those hopes eventually manifest into a force that creates the future.

In short, people in the past wished they could do something or turn into something beyond their capabilities. That wish turned into a devil fruit and that power is used by people today.

What is the real reason why the devil fruit is weak against water?

Previously, readers must have known the fact that Eiichiro Oda's Devil Fruit has a weakness against water.

A devil fruit user has the weakness of not being able to swim. In other words, devil fruit is weak against water.
What causes water to be a weakness for devil fruit users?

The devil fruit that was created because of the manifestation of people's hopes in the past was considered against nature, so it was hated by the ocean as the mother of nature.

The reason why the sea is considered a natural mother is because the sea is where all life originates.

So that devil fruit users who should be blessed because they have strength, instead devil fruit users have to bear the punishment given by the sea. 

That's why devil fruit users are weak to water, sea or sea stones.

Vegapunk also added that the owner of the devil fruit power is a human figure in another dimension that someone dreams of.

That's a brief explanation regarding the weakness of the devil fruit.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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