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Who is the Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man Anime?

Chainsaw Man is an anime that tells the story of a chainsaw demon man who becomes a Devil Hunter.

In this anime, there are many kinds of powerful demons who will become enemies of the main character, Denji.

One of them is the Gun Devil which is the strongest demon.
Although this anime has only been running for 4 episodes, the name of the demon Gun Devil is predicted to appear soon.

The name of the demon Gun Devil itself began to be mentioned in episode 5 which will air next week on November 13.

This name is called Makima when giving orders to Denji.

At that time Makima asked Denji to defeat a demon named Gun Devil.

Makima mentions that Gun Devil appeared 13 years ago, but his whereabouts are now unknown.

Gun Devil also became the most hunted demon by Devil Hunter.

Then who is the figure of Gun Devil?

In the story told by Makima, Gun Devil first appears in a major incident in the US.

At that time, the excessive use of weapons to hunt demons made the power over weapons formed.

The Gun Devil himself is the embodiment of the fear of guns.

His body is composed of various firearms.

He was able to kill 1.2 million people worldwide in just 5 minutes.

In fact, he can shoot from a distance of 1,500 meters and hit the victim right.

The bullets can also finish off targets that are born at the same time.

Gun Devil appeared in America, within 124 seconds, he was able to kill 548,012 people.

Then Gun Devil hit Japan and killed 57,912 in just 26 seconds.

However, after attacking several countries, Gun Devil disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown.

All governments also issued orders to control the manufacture of weapons so that fear of guns would decrease.

So the Gun Devil doesn't appear.

Gun Devil bodies are currently scattered in various parts of the world.

These include America, the Soviet Union and China.

In addition, the flesh of the Gun Devil is also eaten by the demons because it is able to provide strength to the eater.

Gun Devil reappears and attacks Japan.

Then whether Denji managed to defeat Gun Devil?

To find out the answer, Stay tuned for more on Chainsaw Man.

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