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5 Forbidden and Strongest Moves Ever in Anime!

5 Forbidden and Strongest Moves Ever in Anime!

There are many ways for anime characters to get very powerful moves. 

For some anime characters, they must first undergo rigorous training to get powerful moves. 

Meanwhile, there are several moves that can give the user great power in a short time, but still have a big impact, for example the five strongest forbidden moves in this anime.

The power of these five moves cannot be underestimated. 

However, for some reason, these five moves are forbidden to use. 

Do you want to know what moves are and why these moves are banned? Check out the following reviews.

1. The Eight Inner Gates (Naruto)

5 Forbidden and Strongest Moves Ever in Anime!

In the world of Naruto, every human has eight gates that limit each individual's power. 

When one gate is opened, it will grant its user increased physical strength. 

The more gates you open, the more power you get.

When one opened the eight gates, one would gain superior physical strength and speed in no time. 

In this mode, the user will be invincible, but it also destroys the user's body at the same time.

Relinquishing the Eight Inner Gates was tantamount to suicide because what one would face after using this move would be death. 

Might Guy is the only person who manages to survive after using this move even though he remains disabled afterward.

2. Human Transmutation (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

5 Forbidden and Strongest Moves Ever in Anime!

Human Transmutation is believed to be able to revive someone who has died. 

However, this ritual is nothing more than a taboo ritual because someone who has died can never live again. 

When someone performed Human Transmutation, they would be dragged into the Gate of Truth and meet Truth.

There, they will go through a process whereby all the knowledge of the universe enters their heads. 

Because the process was so painful, ordinary humans wouldn't be able to endure the pain. 

In exchange, the person would also lose something of value to them in exchange for that knowledge.

Edward and Alphonse Elric were people who had performed this forbidden ritual. 

At that time, they tried to resurrect his dead mother, Trisha Elric. 

Instead of getting his mother back, Ed lost one of his bodies and Al lost his whole body. 

In order to seal Al's soul in the armor, Ed trades one of his hands for Al's soul.

3. Level Zero (Hellsing Ultimate)

5 Forbidden and Strongest Moves Ever in Anime!

In fact, without his forbidden moves, Alucard is already an overpowered vampire. 

He is armed with an anti-vampire gun, a speed equivalent to the speed of light, and super fast regeneration. 

However, when conditions were pressing, Alucard was forced to use his forbidden move, namely Level Zero.

This move allows Alucard to return to his original form as Vlad the Impaler. 

In this form, Alucard can revive all the souls he has killed to become his allies. 

Considering how many lives he had killed, Alucard was able to fill London with his army of corpses.

4. Edo Tensei (Naruto)

5 Forbidden and Strongest Moves Ever in Anime!

Just like Human Transmutation, Edo Tensei is also prohibited because it basically goes against the laws of nature.

This stance allows the user to revive someone who has died. 

The resurrected person can be controlled at will by the user.

Not only because it violates natural law, this stance is also prohibited because it requires a living victim. 

Someone who performs Edo Tensei must use the body of someone who is still alive which will later become the vessel for the person to be resurrected.

5. Ankhseram's Dark Magic (Fairy Tail)

5 Forbidden and Strongest Moves Ever in Anime!

Ankhseram's Dark Magic is banned because it casts a terrible curse on its user. 

This magic does give the user terrible power. 

Ankhseram's Dark Magic grants its user immortality and the ability to kill anyone they touch.

However, in addition, the power is also uncontrollable. 

Users of this magic will have a curse that makes them unable to live with other people. 

The reason is, the more they value a life, the more uncontrollable their power becomes.

There is no doubt that the five moves above are the strongest moves ever in anime. 

Even so, these five moves are still forbidden moves that cannot be used. 

In your opinion, what other forbidden moves are as powerful as the five moves above?

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