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One Piece Chapter 1066 Official Spoiler: Vegapunk Refuses Dragon's Invitation to Join the Revolutionary Army

A surprising fact about the special relationship between Dragon and Vegapunk was finally revealed in the official One Piece chapter 1066 spoiler.

It is stated in One Piece 1066 that Dragon actually invited Vegapunk to join the Revolutionary Army.

However, Vegapunk refused Dragon's invitation and immediately made Luffy's father angry.
The chapter begins by showing the current location of Sanji's group.

Shaka is shown to be involved in a fairly serious conversation with them.

Shaka tells about the Ohara incident and is shown here how the island of Ohara was in the past.

Then there is also a wanted poster of Nico Robin, who at that time was a child and was worth 79 million Berries.

Robin also looks sad when he remembers his dark past. But he seemed enthusiastic when Shaka told him about Professor Clover.

Vegapunk turns out to know Professor Clover and in this chapter several flashbacks about the archaeologist appear.

Flashback to when a young Professor Clover was seen sailing on a ship with a jolly roger that read Clover.

It is reasonable to suspect that Professor Clover was once a pirate because here he wields a sword like a pirate.
The next scene shows Ohara Island which has been scorched by the Buster Call serangan attack

Seen a figure of a man with a super long head and was standing in the ruins of Ohara. 

The man's head was almost twice the length of his body and he was also looking at the lake around Ohara.

Next, Shaka's story turns to the incident that happened to Nico Robin.

It shows the moment Robin cries in front of his mother and that is the moment of their separation.

Meanwhile, Jaguar D Saul is shown waiting for the moment of separation to immediately save Nico Robin.

Robin was separated from his mother accompanied by cannon fire from Navy ships that were carrying out Buster Call operations in Ohara.

Jaguar D Saul also tried to take Robin away from the cannon fire.

The whole land in Ohara is shown to have been burned and Robin finally couldn't hold back his tears when he remembered the incident.

But the crux of Vegapunk Shaka's story is just beginning and this is when the Buster Call is over and Ohara leaves only rubble.

Seen some giants go into the lake and take something. They also carried a large net.

It turned out that the giants were looking for and saving the science books left by Ohara that were thrown into the lake.
Then the face of the long-headed man's figure was finally shown.

He wore glasses with a long tongue and was watching the giants.

Suddenly someone came from behind the man. The two of them seemed to know each other.

Finally it was revealed that the figure of the man who had a super long head was the real Vegapunk doctor. 

While the person behind him was Monkey D Dragon. Luffy's father is shown placing a bunch of flowers on a wooden tombstone that reads Ohara.

Then Dragon and Vegapunk chatted in that place and Luffy's father decided to form the Revolutionary Army.

He also asked Vegapunk to join, but here Vegapunk refused the offer on the grounds that his invention could be useful for many people.

Dragon seemed displeased with Vegapunk's answer and he assumed that Vegapunk would just be a lackey of the World Government.

Next came the news that Dragon had formed the Revolutionary Army along with Ivankov and Kuma.

They are seen wearing military-style uniforms with a large number of pockets accompanied by a black coat.

After his encounter with Dragon in Ohara, Vegapunk headed for Elbaf Island with the giants.
The Ohara relics have been saved and are now stored in the Elbaf Island library.

That was the official spoiler of the One Piece 1066 manga regarding Dragon's invitation to Vegapunk to join the Revolutionary Army.

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