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One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Mysterious Power Source Revealed!

One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Mysterious Power Source Revealed!

The latest leaked chapter for the One Piece manga series finally returns this week after a one-week hiatus. 

In the previous chapter, we saw how Oda Sensei expressed various things. 

First, we finally know that Vegapunk is a devil fruit user which increases his intelligence. 

Second, we finally know why Momo's devil fruit is considered a failure.

Third, Vegapunk then reveals interesting facts about the abandoned giant robot. 

According to him, the robot has existed since 900 years ago and had become a terrible figure when it attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago. 

Lastly, Vegapunk asked Luffy to take him away from Egghead Island. 

Then, what happens next in the latest One Piece leak?

One Piece 1068 Spoiler

One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Mysterious Power Source Revealed!

Chapter 1068 itself has the title "A Genius' Dream".

The title apparently references the figure of Vegapunk and his dream to provide free energy for everyone in the world. 
However, it turns out that the research he did to realize his big dream actually led him to a surprising fact about an ancient mysterious energy source.

This then became the reason why Vegapunk became the target of the World Government to be destroyed. 

The story then continues where Shaka uses other Seraphim, namely Seraphim Snake, Seraphim Hawk, and Seraphim Shark. 

Shaka also gave control of the Seraphim to Sentomaru. 

And finally the long awaited fight happened.

Rob Lucci and the others finally broke into Egghead Island. 

He then beat Atlas using his Rokuogan technique and was badly injured. 

At the end of the story, Luffy and Lucci's group ran towards each other. 

The good news is there is no break for next week. 

Thus, One Piece chapter 1069 will be released as scheduled, namely December 6, 2022.


One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Mysterious Power Source Revealed!

Unlike the previous chapters which presented quite a lot of interesting and surprising information or facts, chapter 1068 has slightly decreased the tension of the story. 

Even so, Oda still presents explanations and facts about what happened before, such as the reason the World Government is after Vegapunk's life. 

Apparently, it was because he found what should not be found.

As has been speculated before, fans suspect that one of the reasons Vegapunk became a target of the World Government was because he might discover secrets about the past. 

As you know, the World Government has always kept their secrets related to the past. 

And this is also well realized by Vegapunk.

Vegapunk realized that he had discovered something he shouldn't have known, which made him realize that this had led him to the brink of death. 

What is also interesting is how the World Government is trying to cover up the secrets about ancient mysterious energy. 

Perhaps, that ancient mysterious energy was one of the reasons why they destroyed the Ancient Kingdom.

Is this mysterious energy then related to Nika's devil fruit? 

It could be. 

Next, the battle between Rob Lucci and Luffy seems to be repeating itself. 

Again, this was previously predicted by the fans that there is a possibility that Luffy and Rob Lucci will fight again after their first fight at Enies Lobby. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see the rematch of these two characters, considering that both of them have also experienced a tremendous increase in strength. 

Let's just wait, geeks, to continue the story in the next chapter.

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