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One Piece 1067 Spoiler Reddit: The Mystery of Devil Fruit Origins Revealed

The mystery of the origin of the devil fruit is still unanswered until now.

However, various information and fan theories on the One Piece Chapter 1067 Reddit platform have given rise to new speculation.

It was said that most likely the devil fruit was a technology made by the Ancient Kingdom.

As is known, until in One Piece 1066, Eiichiro Oda still has not revealed any information regarding the origin of the devil fruit.

The latest speculation circulating among fans mentions that the devil fruit is the result of Ancient Kingdom technology.

This speculation arises based on what is seen in One Piece 1066 where all the advanced technology on Egghead Island is in fact technology from the past.

It is known, these advanced technologies are a description or imitation of what existed in 900 years ago.

This must have surprised all fans that somehow the Ancient Kingdom could have such advanced technology.

Although all of that is still a mystery, the fact that all the technology on Egghead Island such as robotic holograms and others represents technology from the past.

Therefore, it makes sense that the devil fruit is also the result of the Ancient Kingdom's technology.

Allegedly, the Ancient Kingdom in the past used the concept of living creature DNA which was then inserted into the devil fruit.

However, of course it is still a secret about how they incorporate natural elements or animal DNA and even mythological creatures into the devil fruit.

However, the most mysterious of course is the effect for those who eat it because they can get this power.

This speculation actually makes more sense than the other speculations where the World Government intentionally hides a devil fruit tree.

The reason is, it could be that the devil fruit does not actually come from a tree like fruit in general, but is the result of technological engineering in the past.

It is also possible that the devil fruit was one of the Ancient Kingdom's mainstay weapons.

Perhaps, at that time after they succeeded in creating ancient weapons, the Ancient Kingdom attempted to create various other things.

This then made 20 other kingdoms feel jealous and threatened by their existence.

With the awesomeness of devil fruit, it is natural that the Gorosei even Im-sama feel cautious and really want the power of the devil fruit.

They might know what kind of awesome devil fruit fans can see so far in the story up to One Piece 1066.

If then this is true, then it can be concluded that the devil fruit could be one of the Ancient Kingdom's mainstay weapons besides ancient weapons.

Until One Piece 1066, it is still unknown what exactly was the reason for the Ancient Kingdom's creation of ancient weapons and devil fruits.

However, many speculated that the devil fruit was deliberately created for people from the Ancient Kingdom who became guards to protect their homes from various attacks.

It was later proven how the 20 kingdoms in the end made an alliance to destroy them in addition to protecting their homes.

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