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One Piece 1066 Reddit Spoiler: Shiryu Manages to Escape Doflamingo from Impel Down

 The latest One Piece 1066 spoilers and leaks from Reddit have been released.

Blackbeard is said to be smiling and laughing with satisfaction at One Piece 1066.

That's because his subordinate, Shiryu managed to take Doflamingo away from Impel Down.

Lately, the movement of the Blackbeard pirate group can be said to be very aggressive.

Some time ago Blackbeard with Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot went to Amazon Lily to seize Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit.

But the Yonkou's mission was thwarted by the presence of Rayleigh.

Then Aokiji and Van Augur were assigned to go to Big Mom's headquarters. The two of them were ordered by Blackbeard to kidnap Charlotte Pudding.

Pudding is a three-eyed tribe that if his true power has awakened, then he will be able to read the writing on the Poneglyph.

That was the reason why Blackbeard kidnapped Pudding, which was to read the contents of the Road Poneglyph when he got the fourth copy.

After that the Blackbeard pirates also did something very interesting, they confronted Law's pirate group in the New World.

After the Polar Tank ship was attacked by the Blackbeard pirates, Law and his friends were forced to pull over to Winner Island.

That island witnessed the battle between Law and Blackbeard's pirate group.

The reason blackbeard confronted Law was to retrieve a copy of the Road Poneglyph.

In the battle, Blackbeard was accompanied by Van Augur, Jesus Burgess, Doc Q, and Stronger.

If you look at the series of missions that Blackbeard has carried out above, there are four other commanders who have not yet appeared.

They were Shiryu, Laffitte, Avalo Pizarro, and Sanjuan Wolf. Though the four of them are also a strong and very important crew.

Given that Blackbeard's pirate group was moving aggressively, then the four commanders must have been carrying out missions behind the scenes as well.

For Sanjuan Wolf, it is possible that he was given the task of guarding Blackbeard's headquarters, Beehive Island.

After successfully kidnapping Koby who is currently being held captive on Beehive Island, there is a possibility that the Marines will move there.
So it makes sense that Blackbeard would place Sanjuan Wolf there as a fortress.

As for Shiryu, Laffitte, and Pizaro, they were said to be on a very interesting mission.

The three Titanic Commanders had gone to Impel Down prison to free Doflamingo.

The reason is quite clear because Blackbeard as an intelligent person already knows the background of Doflamingo.

Moreover, both of them had joined the same organization, namely the Shichibukai.

Therefore Blackbeard knew that Doflamingo had secret information about important things in the world of One Piece such as Mariejoa's national treasure.

So it makes sense that Blackbeard currently wants to free and recruit Doflamingo.

So why didn't Blackbeard do that from the start? The answer was because he was waiting for Kaido to be defeated.

If he freed before Kaido was defeated, there was a possibility that a conflict between Blackbeard and the strongest being would ensue.

The reason is because Doflamingo has a special cooperative relationship with Kaido.

Plus Doflamingo would most likely refuse if at that time Blackbeard recruited him.

Blackbeard just wanted to free and recruit Doflamingo now because he knew that Kaido had fallen.

So why is Shiryu the most suitable person to free Doflamingo from Impel Down?

The answer was because Shiryu had been the chief warden at Impel Down.

Not only that, the power of his Suke Suke no Mi devil fruit can also make him invisible.

Not to mention the ability to kill quickly will be a plus point for infiltration missions.

With these three advantages, it was only natural that Shiryu managed to take Doflamingo away from Impel Down.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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