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One Piece 1065 Full Spoiler: Vegapunk Turns Out To Be Imitating Ancient Technology!

The Most Complete One Piece 1065 Spoiler is now out,

In this chapter, Oda again provides information to uncover events that were previously a mystery. 

In the previous chapter 1064 there was Luffy and his group turned into small children and old people. 

This happened because Bonney's emotions changed them.

On the other hand, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats also split into two. 

Only Zoro and Brook decided to stay aboard the Sunny, while the others went to explore the territory of Egghead Island. They all got new clothes, after Lilith guided them around. 

Then, what are the interesting things that then appear in the complete spoiler of chapter 1065?

Egghead Island Power Source

Chapter 1065 again shows the continuation of Sanji and his group who are still exploring the Egghead area. They were surprised and amazed by all the technology on the island. 

Lilith then explains that everything on Egghead Island comes from fire. 

According to him, Vegapunk converts fire into energy so that it can move everything

What's interesting is that Lilith also explains that he (Vegapunk) is still the source of eternal fire, where the fire never goes out. 

If that was the case, he planned to create the sun. It's still unknown what that means, but it's interesting. 

This means that Egghead Island is probably on top of a volcano. 

Just like in the real world, Vegapunk uses the power of fire to become a source of energy.

Other Seraphim Facts

Chapter 1065 also turns out to bring back the high-level Pacifista we know as Seraphim. 

Previously, the Seraphim only appeared in chapter 1060 when the navy used it to attack Blackbeard and also Boa Hancock. 

And we see the tremendous power of the Pacifista, where the Amazon Lily can be destroyed and Hancock and the other Kuja tribes are unable to do anything.

Other Vegapunk Satellites

After making fans curious, finally Oda Sensei showed three satellites or other Vegapunk clones. 

They were Edison, Pythagoras, and York. 

It appears that Edison is in the control room controlling the Seraphim Jinbe attacking the Straw Hat crew. 

We also then see Pythagoras, who is also later in the same room as Lilith and Edison.


Lastly, we then see York who is eating a large amount. 

In this moment, Oda then revealed that it turns out that each satellite is connected to each other. 

That is, York seems to only have the task of eating and drinking in large quantities. 

However, the food that York ate was then "shared" with the other Vegapunk clones.

Egghead Island Tech Facts

Luffy and his group then found a room where in the room there was a giant robot that was very outdated. The robot seems to be no longer usable. 

Where Sanji and the others were, Shaka's figure finally appeared and explained an interesting fact. 

According to him, all the technology on Egghead Island is not modern technology but outdated technology.

According to him, this technology has actually existed since 900 years ago. And Vegapunk himself tries to emulate all these technologies from the past. S

haka also explained that all these advanced technologies were imitating what existed in an empire that had a much more modern civilization than now. 

This hint from Shaka seems to lead to the kingdoms that were destroyed in the lost century, namely the Ancient Kingdom.

Eiichiro Oda seems to keep his promise to start revealing various secrets that previously always made fans curious. 

Slowly but surely, Oda presented one by one the facts that had never appeared before. 

For example, about advanced technology which turns out to be outdated technology, because it was used in the past. Does that mean the Ancient Kingdom will finally appear?

Wait for the answer in the next chapter.

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